Get The Best Laser Therapy Treatments From This Elmhurst IL Dental Clinic

Nov 3, 2020

Illinois dental clinic Premier Orthodontics & Dental Specialists are now offering state-of-the-art laser dentistry technology and laser dental fillings treatments. The clinic offers a wide range of general, orthodontic and surgical dental services.

Do not compromise on your dental care–call Premier Orthodontics & Dental Specialists and ask about their new laser dentistry treatments and find out why it’s the best for you!

Elmhurst, Illinois dental clinic Premier Orthodontics & Dental Specialists announced their new laser therapy technology and dental fillings services. The clinic offers a wide range of dental care services for both kids and adults.

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The new services aim to provide you with new and innovative dental care treatments. Dental procedures are often associated with pain and stress. But with the latest in dental technological advances, procedures are made more comfortable. Wanting to offer you this technology, Premier Orthodontics & Dental Specialists launched laser therapy technology and laser dental fillings services.

Headed by Dr. Corina Radu, the clinic strives to provide outstanding service by introducing new and more effective dental techniques such as laser therapy. A state-of-the-art treatment, laser therapy provides you with a quicker, more precise and painless experience. Most laser therapies do not require anesthesia and cuts down recovery time considerably. It also decreases chances of bacterial infections as the procedure uses a more targeted approach. With laser therapy, results have been observed to be better that with traditional procedures.

Laser therapy can be used in many types of procedures for both hard and soft tissue. Hard tissue laser treatments include cavity detection, tooth sensitivity procedures and dental fillings. With dental fillings, laser therapy is used to drill out the decayed area of your tooth to prepare it for either amalgam, composite or metal fillings which protects your tooth from further damage.

Soft tissue treatments include gum reshaping, gum surgery and muscle attachments. Other procedures assisted by laser therapy are removal of oral benign tumors, regenerating nerves and teeth whitening.

According to a Dr. Radu, head dentist of Premier Orthodontics & Dental Specialists, “Your smile is our passion! As an interdisciplinary dental office, we combine orthodontic and oral surgery to help expand the orthodontic boundaries of where the teeth can fit to create better aesthetics, stability, and sleep.”

Premier Orthodontics & Dental Specialists is the trusted name in safe and innovative dental procedures–call +1-630-279-5345 and ask about their new laser therapy treatments.

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