Get The Best Las Vegas AI Telehealth Smartwatch Diabetes & Long Covid Monitoring

Jan 18, 2023

It sounds like a bad joke. What’s worse than getting Covid? Well, more Covid, of course! The good news for you is that doctors are starting to wrap their heads around the problem. And AI can help! Call In Good Health PC (702-403-1535) today.

Get The Best Las Vegas AI Telehealth Smartwatch Diabetes & Long Covid Monitoring

Did you know that long COVID has been connected to more than 200 symptoms? That’s a lot - you can see why doctors have to run lots of tests to make sure you don’t have something else. These symptoms can range from shortness of breath to palpitations to chest pain to exhaustion to increased despair and anxiety.

The In Good Health PC clinic, led by Dr. Thomas Sharon, DNP, MPH, APRN-BC, has launched the AI Health Club as a way to better monitor and treat the health conditions of its patients, including those suffering from the symptoms of long Covid. You are given a smartwatch which, in tandem with your cell phone, will allow the practice to better treat your ongoing condition.

You can learn more at

With In Good Health PC’s new health maintenance program, you can now enjoy access to advanced medical technology that is designed to monitor your health 24/7 with health professionals providing immediate responses when needed. The smartwatch also comes with built-in GPS tracking to ensure your safety - allowing the practice’s medical team to monitor stress levels, and heart irregularities, and receive a detailed analysis of the quality of your sleep.

The CDC estimates that 20% of the population infected with Covid-19, go on to suffer from Long Covid - the term for an emerging framework for a variety of symptoms that differ in both quantity and severity. While some people find that memory aids help them get through their workdays, others discover that brain fog entirely robs them of their ability to concentrate. A 5-minute walk test is impossible for some previously fit and active people, but others can gradually resume their normal activities. Effective rehabilitative treatments rely on close monitoring of an individual’s vital health parameters, but experts caution that unreported cases abound - especially as the workplace shifts to more remote and hybrid models.

In Good Health PC’s AI Health Club maintenance program offers you remote stress monitoring to determine the impact of daily activities on your heart, allowing the clinic to detect anomalies in real time. The AI program also tracks your blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, and oxygen saturation, helping the team assess your state of health and decide whether an in-person visit is required.

In addition, Dr. Sharon will consult with you to create a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses all of your health issues, goals, and any required medicines. The clinic provides routine exams, controlled care coordination among qualified doctors, and health and disease screenings on a regular basis for early detection of risk factors.

One patient commented: “He’s an amazing and understanding doctor. He’s always there to help and his staff is very helpful as well. I’d highly recommend Dr. Sharon to anyone in need of help.”

Since long Covid is especially complicated, you really need a doctor you can trust - and with whom you can discuss your condition at length. What you don't need are 15-minute emergency appointments!

Call 702-403-1535 or go to and see how Dr. Sharon can help you begin your road to recovery today!

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