Get The Best Kayak Hoisting System For Your Storage Space With This 2023 Guide

Oct 17, 2023

Does your kayak take up too much room at home? Are you looking for a hoisting system to keep it safe and secure off the ground? Then check out Kayaking Nation’s guide on the best Kayak hoists available in 2023.

Did you hear about the kayak owner who had an intense row with his wife? 

They rowed all the way to the coast! 

Joking aside, one of the most common arguments you probably have as a kayak owner is that it takes up too much space when it's not in use. That's why Kayaking Nation has released a guide with recommendations for the best kayak hoist systems for convenient and secure overhead storage.

The site's selection focuses on hoists that offer proper storage for keeping your kayaks protected and easily accessible.

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Kayaking Nation's guide features several top-rated systems to help you choose a hoist system to safely store your kayaks overhead while freeing up floor space in your garage, shed, or other storage area.

The growing popularity of kayaking as both a recreational activity and a competitive water sport has increased the need for functional storage solutions. A sound hoist system gives you easy access to your kayak for transport while keeping it safe when not in use. These systems also prevent damage from accidental bumps in a crowded garage.

If you are a solo kayaker, consider a portable hoist that offers valuable assistance at launch points, allowing you to load without assistance. Careful measurements ensure adequate clearance between the stored kayak and garage door opening, says Kayaking Nation.

The website's guide covers manual hoist systems that utilize pulleys and ropes and electric hoist systems with motorized lifting mechanisms. Criteria examined include weight capacityceiling height requirementssafety featuresdurability, and ease of installation. The guide notes that keeping your kayak protected while in storage can also extend its usable life and prevent costly repairs.

Top Picks

  • The Harken 4-Point Hoister is noted for its high weight capacity of up to 200 lbs and corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction. Its multiple lift points provide stability, while the self-locking mechanism ensures safety during storage.
  • The Rad Sportz and Extreme Max hoists also make the recommendations list for their durable steel construction and 120 lb weight capacities. Both feature secure hooks to grip kayaks and prevent slipping.
  • The VIVOHOME Heavy Duty Kayak Hoist, with a 125 lb weight loading capacity, features rubber-coated iron hooks and tear-resistant ropes.

Find the perfect hoisting system with Kayaking Nation's 2023 guide!

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