Top Water-Proof Phone Cases & Cameras For Kayakers: Understand IP & JIS Ratings

Mar 23, 2024

A water-damaged phone or camera will spoil any kayak adventure, which is why Kayaking Nation has put together an in-depth article on finding the best waterproof cameras and phone cases.

Understanding The Options & Your Needs

Products with the maximum waterproofing will also cost a lot more, which is why it’s important to understand the options. From IP protection to different use-cases, Kayaking Nation helps you choose what’s right for you and your budget.

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Your first port-of-call when choosing a device or waterproof case is IP rating, which tells you the level of dust and liquid protection it provides. Of course, if you’re just an occasional kayaker who paddles in calm lakes, your needs will be very different to white-water enthusiasts.

The new article adds to a growing selection of professional gear reviews and advice pieces now offered on Kayaking Nation. Other recent articles include choosing waterproof dry bags, waterproof fitness trackers, fishing rods, how to read tide charts, and more.

Understanding The Diversity Of Kayakers

According to the Outdoor Industry Association, almost 19 million people now participate in some form of kayaking, with recreational users accounting for 13.6 million, followed by whitewater kayaking at 2.7 million, and sea/touring at 2.6 million. California, North Carolina, Colorado, Georgia, and New York are among the top 10 states.

As Kayaking Nation points out, the statistics also demonstrate the different use-cases for waterproof phone cases and cameras, with recreational requirements being considerably less taxing when compared to white-water kayaking. As such, the guide takes account of all the different people who now enjoy kayaking, helping you choose the product that’s right for you.

“With the right waterproof case, you can capture stunning photos and videos while keeping your devices safe from water damage,” a company representative explained. “When selecting a waterproof case for your phone or camera, it is important to consider several factors such as waterproofing standards, your kayaking needs, case features, advantages and disadvantages, top brands, and making the final decision.”

About Kayaking Nation

Recognizing that the equipment needed by modern kayakers goes well beyond the kayak itself, Kayaking Nation seeks to provide an all-in-one source of honest and unbiased reviews. The platform is regularly updated to reflect the latest products on the market.

“Our team of experts always takes into account key factors such as durability, price, quality, and overall value when conducting their assessments,” the firm continues. “That means you’re always getting the most accurate and relevant information possible.”

Having the right gear can take your adventures to a whole new level, and Kayaking Nation provides the most up-to-date advice and reviews.

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