Get The Best Home Window Installation & Replacement Services In Salt Lake City

Jan 6, 2022

Did someone throw a baseball through your window? Probably not! And yet your windows may be cracked, leaking, or stuffed with putty. And now your utility bills are through the roof. Call Salt Lake City Windows (801-447-1972) to see how you can stay warm—while saving money!

Get The Best Home Window Installation & Replacement Services In Salt Lake City

Older model windows can degrade quickly, especially in bad weather. And you can be stuck with terribly expensive energy bills as a result. All the coming and going and opening and closing drive internal temperatures up and then down, draining your resources.

But the company’s newly expanded vinyl designer line options meet the demand for long-lasting weather-resistant, temperature-regulating durability matched by customized elegance. Guaranteed not to crack, peel, warp, fade, or leak water, they are ideal for the variegated Utah climate and topography.

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Salt Lake City Windows now offers you energy-efficient vinyl windows constructed with stainless steel parts, all made in the U.S. The company’s designer windows complement their existing line of finely crafted wooden windows.

Vinyl windows today enjoy a greater market share than wood windows. Their rise in popularity is due, first to their relative affordability, and secondly to their lower ongoing energy and maintenance costs: the insulation in the frame of the window itself renders them more energy efficient. One study found that vinyl is the most popular material in both starter and luxury homes and for remodeling projects across all regions of the U.S.

Salt Lake City Windows is an Energy Star partner. Accordingly, its vinyl windows meet higher standards that ensure stable and consistent thermal regulation, eliminating wasted energy. This dramatically reduces utility bills, especially if the existing home windows are older models.

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Some of the company’s more popular products include basement and bay windows. A casement window similar to French doors allows for more fresh air and natural light. Bay windows, which originated in San Francisco, protrude from the facade of a house to increase inside space. They also offer natural light and increase ventilation, giving your room a more expansive impression with panoramic views and depth.

Bay windows are especially in demand as replacement windows. For home windows with stress cracks that are starting to get larger, Salt Lake City Windows can recommend suitable swap-outs: most repairs can cost as much as to replace the whole window with a single hung window. The company’s estimator can offer repair and replacement quotes and counsel you regarding relevant insurance coverage.

Salt Lake City Windows has been providing window services for over 25 years to the Salt Lake Valley and abroad. The company prides itself on the durability and affordability of all of its window products, which feature a limited lifetime warranty.

One reviewer commented: “The install crew was on time and cleaned up after themselves. They were fast and got my broken windows replaced promptly. I enjoyed their company and my new windows look amazing as they match the existing ones perfectly.”

Do you burrow under the covers in winter because you can see your own breath fog up in the cold? Have you ever had to actually scrape ice off the inside of your home’s windows in the winter? Nobody wants that—it’s both unnecessary and still expensive!

Go to or and find the right windows from you and your family, keeping you snug but not leaving you high and dry!

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