Get The Best Holistic Medicine Treatment In Smithtown At This Top Rated Practice

Jun 25, 2020

Looking for fast pain relief with holistic medicine? Integrated Family Wellness practice in Smithtown offers customized care programs for the patient’s individual needs.

Are you looking for a customized care program that addresses your individual needs? If you answered ‘yes’, then this holistic medicine clinic is for you!

Integrative Family Wellness a holistic medicine practice in Smithtown, New York. The clinic offers acupuncture, massage and cryotherapy treatment.

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Integrative Family Wellness’ offers you comprehensive holistic care with very short wait times. The clinic specializes in providing customized care programs for your individual needs.

At Integrative Family Wellness, a certified practitioner will look to treat your whole self, not just symptoms, to find the cause of your health concerns. This integrated approach and team practice with multiple providers allows for a comprehensive, effective plan for healing.

Very important to the clinic is fostering a doctor-patient relationship to make your road to better health more complete. The skilled acupuncturists provide ongoing support, checking your progress, adjusting treatments and discussing concerns.

The clinic’s massage therapy treatment program is aimed at helping you through emotional and physical stress. From sleep disruption to tight muscles to past injuries, customized massage therapy sessions can be created to target the areas that need improvement.

A wide range of massage therapies are offered including deep tissue, Swedish massage, relaxation, sports massage, and medical massage.

Integrated Family Wellness also offers cryotherapy treatment applying a controlled amount of cold air to help reduce swelling, pain or inflammation to an affected area. Localized cryotherapy sessions target specific muscle areas or spasms with localized cold air ranging between -25°F to -40°F. The treatment gives the body the ability to prevent or reverse damage.

Integrative Family Wellness was founded by Anthony Gordon a Doctor of Acupuncture and specialist in Natural Medical Care. Anthony received his professional qualifications at The College of Health Professions. His post-graduate studies include orthopedics, sports and rehab, pain management, ophthalmology, oncology acupuncture, and allergies among others.

The clinic serves Greater Smithtown and all of Long Island.

You can get more information about Integrated Family Wellness by visiting the website listed above or by calling 631-708-3500.

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