Get The Best Holistic Daycare Education Program in Ontario For Your Child

Apr 13, 2021

Enrol your child on this ground-breaking early years education program from EYES Childcare. Help the next generation fulfil their potential. Contact EYES Child Care today!

If you’re in search of an innovative early years education program for your child, that can develop their creativity as well as intellect, then contact EYES today and enrol your child on their revolutionary learning adventure.

EYES Child Care, early years learning specialists based in Toronto, ON, have announced the expansion of their unique EYES Child Care education program for children resident in Scarborough, Kitchener, Woodbridge, Brampton, Burlington, London, Vaughan, Whitby, Oshawa, ON, and beyond.

Give your child the best start through a program that encourages play, exploration and respect for others. Find your nearest EYES Childcare Centre by visiting

The launch provides education and empowerment to your little ones through an holistic approach to learning, focusing equally upon their social-emotional development and ongoing intellectual growth. EYES learning programs are designed to stimulate creativity and foster a desire within your children for exploration and discovery.

EYES education system, adopted by EYES child care as their core philosophy, has its roots in ancient India. EYES Child Care a type of school that centred its teaching on objectives of self control, character development and social awareness, as well as personality, intellectual and spiritual development. The preservation of knowledge and culture was also a central tenet in the EYES Education system.

EYES Child Care cater for a range of age groups including an infant program up to the age of 18 months with one staff member for every three children, providing focused, child-centred development time for your child. The toddler and preschool program, for children from 18 months to 6 years, promotes literacy and numeracy, as well as environmental and community awareness. Children are encouraged to cooperate and act independently while developing cognitive, problem-solving skills, language development, communication and social skills.

EYES child care also offer you kindergarten, Montessori and summer programs. In addition, the centre run yoga classes, Moral Science, library initiatives, second language learning and community partnership programs, broadening your child’s horizons both physically and psychologically.

The EYES organisation has franchise centres in 20 locations across Ontario, in. Company SEO, Naila Saeed, started the Early Years Education System (EYES) to provide state-of-the-art daycare and holistic education services. Naila has over 20 years experience in the daycare industry and, along with her dedicated team, offers a unique model of early learning for your child.

According to an EYES spokesperson, “EYES Childcare Centre’s mission is to provide a secure childcare setting in which every child is encouraged to play, learn and succeed. The centre’s emphasis has also been to improve a child’s creativity, concentration and absorption powers in an engaging learning environment that reflects values, morals, and teachings.”

Through the recent expansion of their unique early years daycare and learning services, EYES re-affirm their commitment to making their ancient-inspired education philosophy accessible to your children. For more information visit

If you are looking for a infant, toddler, preschool program that will identify, nurture, and develop your child’s natural strengths, call EYES Child Care today and give your child the start they deserve.

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