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Feb 9, 2021

Author Amelia Rose has announced her updated book ‘A Loving Heart for the Loyal Deputy,’ which is part of her popular historical western romance series, Bear Creek Brides, which aims to engross and entertain readers of the popular mail order bride genre.

Are you looking for your next historical romance book? Would you like a mail-order bride story based in western Montana?

Amelia Rose has recently announced an update to her historical western romance novel, ‘A Loving Heart for the Loyal Deputy,’ which is the sixth book in her Bear Creek Brides series and is now available on Kindle.

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Originally published in June 2020, the Kindle update of ‘A Loving Heart for the Loyal Deputy’ aims to provide you with another engrossing tale of love and danger that readers have come to expect from Amelia Rose’s popular mail order bride series.

As a reader looking for historical romance novels, you can find a wide range of books to choose from, with a diverse selection of settings and stories available. However, finding a series that provides both compelling writing and a satisfying reading experience can be challenging within the highly popular genre. With her latest updated historical western romance release, Amelia Rose is aiming to give you the benefit of a book series that meets your expectations of the genre with her newest update to ‘A Loving Heart for the Loyal Deputy.’

‘A Loving Heart for the Loyal Deputy’ is set in the Bear Creek Brides series’ familiar setting of Montana in the late 1800s and tells the story of Deputy Tanner Williams, as he seeks to find love amongst the trials and tribulations that arise in the town of Bear Creek. Additionally, the book follows the life of Tanner’s mail-order bride Bethany Duncan and the personal challenges she faces relating to her controlling father along with her arrival at Bear Creek.

The Bear Creek Brides series by Amelia Rose is currently comprised of ten books that are all based in Montana and aim to entertain you if you are looking for historical western romance books within the mail order bride genre. Furthermore, each book in the series features a varying range of themes, characters, and conflicts to capture your imagination.

Having always had a passion for entertaining others, Amelia Rose has been writing historical romance novels for several years. As a self-proclaimed romance addict, Amelia aims to write novels that tie together the key elements that initially attracted her to the genre in order to give her readers the same excitement and thrill she finds when reading the genre herself.

A reader of ‘A Loving Heart for the Loyal Deputy’ said, “I really loved the great story in this book. I could not put the book down till I finished reading the whole wonderful story.”

Find your next favorite historical romance series with Amelia Rose’s ‘A Loving Heart for the Loyal Deputy’ from the Bear Creek Bride series today!

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