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Jul 26, 2020

A YouTube channel dedicated to mental and physical healthcare advice has been launched. A range of topics are covered as the channel aims to build an online community with easy to access health advice.

Do you want easy instant access to healthcare videos online? Do you want health advice and support during lockdown? Do you want to gain an understanding of healthcare systems in developing nations? If you have answered ‘yes’, this is the YouTube channel you should Subscribe Now!

A new YouTube channel has been launched aimed those of you who are isolating or feel alone and require mental or physical health advice. Nursing Education Now provides nursing education videos for the developing nations.

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The newly launched channel aims to provide support to you regardless of where you are and whether you need physical or mental health advice. There are several insightful videos on the YouTube channel, which range from highlighting nursing programs in Africa, to opportunities to support a nurse.

As you may be aware, many people may have experienced health issues over the past few months. Aside from physical illnesses, some of you may have suffered mental health concerns arising from isolation or being away from your friends and family.

Common issues include feeling anxious, depressed, and worried. There are many ways you can stay happy and healthy during periods of isolation. For instance, you can connect with people online via platforms such as YouTube or other social media outlets.

Staying active, spending time in nature, and eating as healthily as you possibly can all help. In addition, switching off news alerts or limiting your news consumption may help you to manage negative feelings, particularly if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Nursing Education Now is aiming to build an online community where physical and mental health advice can be easily accessed by all. It is designed to support you and others around the world and highlight the benefits of supporting nursing programs in Africa and other developing nations where healthcare systems and education training options are limited.

In case you are wondering, playlists available focus on childcare, elder care, COVID-19 advice, and mental health. Elder care topics range from foot treatment basics, how to feed patients, bathing requirements, catheter advice, mouth care, and supporting a limited range of motion.

A company spokesperson said: “We are dedicated to transforming lives and building sustainable medical ministries in low-resourced countries. Subscribers to the new YouTube channel will find practical healthcare advice as well as insights into healthcare systems in developing nations.”

You can subscribe to the YouTube channel via the link provided!

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