Get The Best Hand-Carved Templar Knights Replica Skull From This Artist Today

Apr 11, 2021

Make your skull collection the envy of your friends with a hand-crafted Templar Knights replica skull, numbered and signed by acclaimed artist Zane Wylie.

Fascinated by the symbology of the Templar Knights and want to add a new replica skull to your collection? Contact Zane Wylie Skulls today!

Zane Wylie, a skull replica specialist based in Alexandria, VA, has released a new Templar Knight skull. The new piece is cast in museum-quality resin and marble dust, and is a themed tribute to the traditions and history of the Freemasons and the Templar Knights.

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If you are an enthusiast or collector, the Templar Knight Skull is one of the most intricately crafted pieces you will ever see. Each skull is numbered and signed by Zane Wylie himself. The skulls are the result of 87 hours of carving and provide the ideal showcase for Zane’s unique creativity and replica-crafting talents.

The Templar Knights, or Knights Templar as they are sometimes referred to, was a group of devout Christians whose mission was to protect pilgrims traveling to sacred sites in the Holy Land. Though shrouded in mystery, the order was extremely powerful and wealthy, setting up a network of banks for religious travelers from Europe. The traditions and symbology of the order were revived by the Freemasons in the 18th Century.

In addition to new pieces like the Templar Knight skull, you can also acquire a range of accessories through the company website. These include ornate skull stands, hand-cast and hand-painted in a variety of designs. Hand-blown glass display domes with a dark mahogany veneer base can also be ordered through the online store.

Zane Wylie has gained an excellent reputation for his work in recent years. Many of his replicas have been used in acclaimed television shows. These include “Preacher” on the AMC network and NBC’s “Constantine”, starring Matt Ryan. Zane has also fulfilled commissions for Warner Brothers, Hulu, and DC Vertigo.

Zane works with real human skulls and resin replicas. In a profile piece in Dark Art Movement, he says, “My work emerged from a desire to create on a canvas that was a work of art in and of itself. Each skull is given the respect it deserves. Whether it’s a replica or an original, each skull comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.”

With the release of the new Templar Knights replica skull, Zane Wylie continues to craft the highest-quality collectibles for enthusiasts like you. Give your collection its star centerpiece by placing your order with Zane Wylie Skulls. For more details go to

If you want a replica skull that looks and feels like the real deal, contact Zane Wylie Skulls today!

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