Get The Best Golf Shirts, Shorts and Hats For The Ultimate Sun Protection

Apr 12, 2021

Looking for the best golf hats, shorts and shirts to protect yourself from the sun? Check out the new reports at The Golfing Pro to determine the most effective sun protection options for you!

If you’re looking for the best sun protection clothing for the golf course, The Golfing Pro has the solution for you!

The Golfing Pro, an online platform providing golf tips and information, announced the launch of three new reports on how to buy the right golf hats, shorts and shirts for hot weather. The reports cover the most important aspects one needs to consider when choosing sun protection clothing for the golf course.

The newly launched reports at The Golfing Pro aim to help you protect your skin from the sun while out on the course.

Being out on the golf course for hours increases your chances of getting a sunburn, as well as the risk factor for skin cancer. By investing in high-quality golf hats, shirts and shorts, you can stop further damage to your skin and enjoy your time on the course in a safe manner.

When looking for the right golf hat, The Golfing Pro recommends choosing a breathable option that has an odor-control feature, getting the proper fit, and ensuring that your hat offers the utmost sun protection. Hats that are washable, offer proper closure and come in lighter colors are also excellent options.

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Another report advises readers to invest time in finding the right shorts. Golfing shorts need to have moisture-wicking abilities and a washable material. They also need to have belt loops and pockets to keep tees and markers, and be a lighter color.

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Finally, The Golfing Pro suggests that golfers choose golf shirts based on the comfort they provide. Cotton and tech shirts have sweat-absorbing capabilities, are lightweight and very functional.

Golf enthusiasts are further recommended to ensure that their shirts have added UV protection, excellent cooling features, anti-microbial properties and are the right fit.

The website states: “Playing golf under the scorching heat takes skill. The heat, blinding sunlight, and a sweaty body will directly impact your game. So to make sure that you’ll be as comfortable as you can be during a hot day, you should wear the best golf shirts for hot weather.”

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