Get The Best Glass Repair & Replacement From This Lugarno, NSW Glazier Company

Dec 29, 2021

SOS Glass Services PTY Ltd, serving Lugarno, Oatley, and surrounding Sydney areas, (0410311916) is 100% Australian owned and operated. They offer emergency replacements and high-quality installations at competitive prices. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Get The Best Glass Repair & Replacement From This Lugarno, NSW Glazier Company

There’s nothing more jarring than the sound of shattering glass. Not only does it take everyone off-guard, but it can be dangerous. When this happens it’s important to resist the temptation to call the first glass repair specialist you see on craigslist. Instead, get the quality inspection and replacement services you need from a company with 25 years of experience. After all, the last thing you need is for that glass to shatter a second time because it wasn’t dealt with properly the first.

SOS Glass Services Pty Ltd specialises in providing residents and business owners in Lugarno, Oatley and surrounding regions with the high-quality glazier solutions they need, when they need them.

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SOS Glass Services Pty Ltd is recognized for its architectural glazing and its expertise in meeting the demands of every glass replacement and installation requirement, no matter the circumstance. They’ll help you resolve any unexpected glass emergency quickly and safely.

With over 25 years of experience, SOS Glass Services provides you with the top-quality services you deserve. They also work with builders to ensure their plans will achieve the outcomes you’re looking for for your home, and provide installation processes that will last over time.

With architectural glass becoming one of today’s most highly requested building materials, the company partners with commercial designers and home and business owners to integrate these materials indoors and outdoors to meet your overall aesthetic and technical expectations.

You can contact them for services that include home, commercial and shopfront glass replacements, frameless glass balustrades, glass pool fencing, backsplashes, shower screens, mirrors, spiral replacements, glass office partitions, window installations, and more. All work is industry compliant and meets Australian safety standards, so you also get the peace of mind you want when you’re dealing with glass repairs and associated procedures.

If a window or other feature in your home or business is shattered, the team at SOS Glass Services will remove and clean hazardous shards to ensure your property is safe. In most instances, they can cut and install the new glass you need on site. If not, they’re careful to secure the damaged area until the proper glass can be installed.

SOS Glass Services is 100% Australian-owned. Their technicians are fully licensed, fast, and reliable. The company offers you competitive pricing and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

A recent customer says, “SOS Glass Services installed laminate glass in some of our office partitions and did a great job. They are reliable and efficient, and we would definitely use them again.”

SOS Glass Services Pty Ltd ensures you get immediate access to the replacement solutions you need while also providing you with the specialized installation services you want for your interior and exterior glass features.

If your broken window is a real pane, you need the industry’s clear experts. Visit to find out more.

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