Get The “Best Fruit Bat Removal Service Near Me” In Bukit Timah, Singapore Now!

Aug 27, 2021

You can quickly remove bats that are a problem in your Bukit Timah, Singapore, home with Wildlife Pest Control Singapore (65-9815-4915)! They will humanely remove the bats and clean the area to deter them from returning.

Do you live in or around Bukit Timah, Singapore? Have you noticed bats flying around in the evening? Are you concerned about fruit bats entering your property for food, or have you already got a nesting issue? If you want to remove and deter them using humane methods, Wildlife Pest Control Singapore can help!

The company’s newest service update includes bat and bat nest removal to give you peace of mind. Although fruit bats and other species are a common occurrence in Singapore and you may see them flying around regularly, bats living in urban areas can cause problems when roosting in ceilings or looking for food in residential properties.

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To ensure both you, your family, and the bats are protected, the company uses humane removal methods. Wildlife Pest Control Singapore provides you with a certified solution that is tailored to your needs, regardless of whether the issue involves your residential or commercial property.

Aside from the new humane bat removal and chemical cleaning service, the company offers advice to help you prevent the pest issues from being repeated. For instance, when dealing with fruit bats that are entering your home to find food, they recommend keeping your fruit out of reach, or storing it somewhere it can be covered.

Another option is to add mesh or wire to your windows as a temporary measure until the bat stops returning for food. In addition, bats nesting in ceilings can cause issues, as you may find droppings where the bats have been nesting or eating. Bat droppings known as guano carry many known viruses and diseases. Histoplasmosis is a disease that is closely associated with the guano.

One of the best things your will love about Wildlife Pest Control Singapore is that they will offers a customized solution to your bat issue by firstly removing the bats in an animal-friendly manner before washing away the droppings and urine. Chemical treatment is then applied to deep clean the area. As well as making the area look nicer, this process removes scent trails to deter the bats from returning.

Customized pest treatment solutions is a key part of Wildlife Pest Control Singapore’s strategies to remove wildlife and pests. They understand how distressing it can be for homeowners to have a wildlife or pest issue, whether bats, wasps, cockroaches, or mosquitos. Every wildlife or pest situation is different. They will seeks to first understand their specific needs and the extent of pest infestation before crafting a customized solution that will be cost-efficient and effective for their needs.

Other specialist services offered include a monthly pest management programme, indoor insect removal, bug extermination, rodent control for issues with rats and mice, snake control and prevention, and fumigation for mosquitos and cockroaches.

A happy customer wrote: “Wildlife Pest Control Singapore crafted a customized solution for our bat problem – they pruned the overreaching fruit tree branches, cleaned the garden and house walls, and chemical sprayed them to deter the bats from returning.”

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