Get The Best First Aid Emergency Kit For Boating, Fishing, Camping & Hunting

Apr 29, 2017

Patch Up Products LLC, a professional medical equipment company, announced a new medical grade emergency kit made of durable materials and protected by a water and stain resistant bag. The kit is ideal for outdoor situations such as boating, camping, hiking and more.

Patch Up Products, a Connecticut medical supplies company, launched a medical grade first aid kit suitable for a wide range of indoors and outdoors situations, including sports, boating, travelling and many other activities.

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In emergency situations where human lives are endangered, emergency kits are crucial to increase survival chances. They are legally required in a wide range of institutions, and many states also require drivers and boaters to carry one in their vehicles.

First aid kits are especially important in areas where professional medical help is not immediately accessible. In such circumstances, injuries resulting from a variety of accidents can have serious negative consequences, as a result of significantly longer times necessary for professional medical help to arrive. To help the injured during these crucial moments, it is essential that comprehensive first aid kits are immediately available.

Patch Up Products LLC is a professional medical supplies company specializing in emergency equipment, and it has recently launched a first aid kit containing sufficient emergency supplies for up to eight people. It is therefore ideal for situations where medium groups need assistance in outdoors situations, such as fishing, hunting, boating, hiking, camping and more.

To provide a comprehensive medial grade first aid kit, Patch Up Products equipped the first aid kit with 275 pieces and 40 unique medical grade items.

The kit includes a wide range of essentials such as scissors, tweezers, blankets, cotton buds, disposable gloves, safety pins, thermometers, face masks and others. All products are designed for increased durability and accessible use.

The Patch-Up First Aid Kit also contains a wide range of adhesive bandages designed for cuts of all sizes and for insect bites, as well as gauze and wound pads, elastic bandages and many other items.

The nylon bag is tough, water and stain resistant, making the Patch-Up kit an ideal solution for outdoor situations. Customers benefit from a one-year money back guarantee, and a free First Aid Guide for Common Emergencies upon purchase.

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