Get The Best Explainer Videos For Your Cryptocurrency Startup With This Report

Oct 15, 2020

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Struggling to promote your blockchain project? Investing in professional explainer videos can be the best way to get your crypto startup in front of as many investors as possible!

The Explainer Video Company, a video marketing agency based in Santa Clara, California, announced a full report on how blockchain and cryptocurrency companies can benefit from professional video strategies.

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The newly released report offers an overview of the main benefits that result from integrating explainer videos into the marketing strategy of a blockchain company.

According to the new report, video content is currently the most popular type of digital content, outperforming text, audio and picture posts on both Google and social media. Landing pages with video content have 53% more chances of reaching Google’s first page, with video content being shared up to 12 more on social media compared to all other types of posts.

In addition to its improved performance on digital platforms, you can also use videos to present information in an accessible and intuitive way.

The report states that the complex details behind a blockchain or crypto project can be made much easier to understand if they’re integrated in an explainer video.

The author of the report said: “Educate and enhace investors loyalty with an animated explainer video. In the cryptocurrency marketplace investors are continually seeking new ICO’s websites and cryptocurrency related portals including exchange platforms,trading, data mining in search of the best investment. Animated explainer videos quickly and easily describe the process and stages to invest in your ICO and help foster trust in your business.”

By giving you an easy way to explain your concept directly to your target audience, explainer videos will also reduce the burden on your customer service and sales teams.

The Explainer Video Company can create high-quality explainer videos customized according to your project details, needs and marketing goals.

All videos are optimized for perfect display across all platforms and feature high-engagement animations to increase your chances of online success.

With the latest announcement, The Explainer Video Company continues to expand its range of high-quality video marketing services and resources.

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