Get The Best Escondido & San Marcos Coffee & Tea At Blue Mug

May 2, 2017

Blue Mug, a family-owned coffee and tea house, announced an updated range of coffee, tea and pastry for clients in Escondido and San Marcos. The coffee house strives to offer the largest selection of high-quality traditional and exotic tea and coffee blends.

  • get the best escondido amp san marcos coffee amp tea at blue mug
  • get the best escondido amp san marcos coffee amp tea at blue mug

Blue Mug, a, Escondido, California coffee and tea house, provides the community with a range of coffee, tea, pastries and breakfast sandwiches. The coffee shop is conveniently located for customers in both Escondido and San Marcos.

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Coffee and tea are the most popular drinks in the world, with many people enjoying them every day. They have also been shown to be beneficial for one’s wellbeing, helping concentration and focus, so many consume them during their work. Drinking coffee and tea is often a popular way to socialize, as it offers the opportunity to spend quality time enjoying the company of friends and family.

Blue Mug is an Escondido coffee house striving to provide a cozy place for everyone wishing to enjoy pleasant moments savoring their tea, coffee, pastry, or having their breakfast. Customers can even enjoy free wi-fi with their neighbors!

The Escondido coffee shop has a wide selection of coffees and teas, and pastries, in an effort to cater to a wide variety of culinary preferences.

Blue Mug offers one of the largest selection of coffees currently available in the area, including Bean of the Earth, Brazilian Santos, Chocolate Moka Java, Colombian Dark, Costa Rican Tarrazu, Ethiopian, Natural Decaf, Hazelnut, Heart of Darkness, Mexican Pluma Altura, Santa Cruz Dark, Santa Cruz Full City, Steve’s Smooth French, Sumatra Dark, Sweet Italian, Tanzanian Peaberry, Vanilla and Zoom-Brew. A large selection of espressos is also available.

The coffee shop’s tea selection includes green and black teas combined with a variety of other ingredients, including fruits, aromatic herbs and many others. Special selections of Mate are also available.

The coffee house strives to create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness, with all services being completely client-oriented: Blue Mug has not raised their prices since opening in 2012, all drinks are made according to the client’s preferences, and all ingredients are freshly purchased from sustainable sources.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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