Get The Best Edmonton Brokerage Reputation Marketing Media Relations Google Ranking Services

Nov 2, 2017

Greg Douglas, a Sherwood Park marketing expert, announced a new service for mortgage brokers in Edmonton and the surrounding area. Greg partners with brand journalists and media agencies to promote his clients’ services on hundreds of high-authority websites for improved reputation and wide market reach.

  • get the best edmonton brokerage reputation marketing media relations google rank
  • get the best edmonton brokerage reputation marketing media relations google rank
  • get the best edmonton brokerage reputation marketing media relations google rank

Greg Douglas, a digital marketing expert based in Sherwood Park, Alberta, launched cutting-edge media relations, online branding and reputation marketing solutions for mortgage brokers in Sherwood Park, Edmonton and the surrounding area.

More information can be found at

Digital marketing has seen important developments in recent years, with the advent of social media and the growing popularity of search engines determining more and more businesses to invest in effective digital solutions. Surveys show that more than 90% of all consumers use digital resources to find information on businesses, products and services, making it essential for companies to optimize their digital presence.

Greg Douglas is an experienced online marketer specializing in high-efficiency solutions for local businesses looking to develop a reputable digital profile. The Edmonton marketing expert launched state-of-the-art solutions to help mortgage brokers benefit from extensive media exposure and a wide market reach.

Greg works with experienced brand journalists and content writers to create custom news pieces for mortgage brokerages, promoting their services and events and establishing them as leaders in their respective areas.

The news pieces are then published on more than 400 quality media websites, including local affiliates of FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC. This brings important benefits in terms of reputation and industry authority while also providing brokerages with access to an extensive online audience.

Additionally, the backlinking effect of having their websites featured on quality media platforms leads to a sustainable Google ranking boost. Mortgage brokers can thus use Greg’s media relations service both as an effective reputation marketing and online branding tool, and as a convenient alternative to expensive SEO solutions.

The new service is part of Greg’s efforts to provide clients in Canada and the United States with the latest innovations in digital marketing and online business growth.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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