Get The Best Eco-Friendly Bride & Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Ocean Cleanup

May 22, 2020

Are you looking for the ideal baby shower or bridal shower gift? Check out these tea bags and buy safe in the knowledge that every purchase contributes to ocean cleanup!

If you’re looking for the ideal baby shower or bridal gift, FloaTea have you covered with their unique teabags. And best of all, every purchase contributes to ocean cleanup and reduction of plastic waste!

FloaTea have announced that they have launched a new eco-friendly 3D goldfish-shaped teabag product. FloaTea helps to raise awareness about ocean plastic pollution and donates a portion of their proceeds to help the cause.

FloaTea was founded by Megan Lee and her husband to join a love of tea with a desire to help prevent the destruction of the world’s oceans through single-use plastics and general waste.

They use their resources to help save marine life by donating 20% of FloaTea’s profits to conservation groups and participate in beach cleans.

Through their endeavours to help save the oceans, SAMI the 3D goldfish-shaped teabag came into being. SAMI stands for Saving Animals Making Impact and is hand crafted from recyclable materials.

SAMI is available in three different types of tea and comes in a colorful box with a goldfish decoration. Each box contains 2g of tea and 12 fish teabags. The boxes make ideal gifts for tea and ocean lovers alike.

The SAMI Rose Black Tea Box features a blend of the finest black tea and rose petals, creating an aromatic tea with a rich, smooth and sweet scent. The SAMI King’s Oolong Tea Box boasts a premium Oolong tea that has been roasted with ginseng and osmanthus, offering a full bodied flavor and a sweet and smooth aftertaste.

The third and final box in FloaTea’s SAMI lineup is the SAMI Jasmine Green Tea Box. This tea blend contains green tea leaves and jasmine flowers that have been roasted together and leaving a fresh, blossomed and subtle taste.

The website also contain a plethora of information and resources for you so that you can be armed with knowledge and ideas on how to help clean up beaches and oceans around the world. For example, they offer readers tips on how to make small lifestyle adjustments, such as swapping out plastic straws, that can make a big impact on the ocean.

Visit for all the details you need.

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