Get The Best Dual-Steering Hobie Kayaks For Water Fishing In Oceanside, CA

Sep 22, 2021

When you want the best kayak for your next fishing trip, Hobie is the brand you need. Check out their newest 2021 models at Pure Watersports Oceanside by calling +1-760-721-6195!

Hobie is the brand leader in fishing kayaks for a reason… they’re the best of the best. Now you can try out all the latest models in Oceanside!

You’ll find everything from the Pro Angler series to the Outback following a new expansion. The 2021 Pro Angler 14 comes complete with 360 Drive Technology for precision fishing in all conditions.

Take your ideal kayak for a spin at

Hobie Cat has developed a reputation for high-end, performance kayaks around the world. There are 18 models to choose from, ensuring that there’s guaranteed to be an option to suit your needs!

One of the most sought-after models available through the Oceanside store is the Mirage Outback. This has become the most popular pedal-fishing kayak in the world, and now the design has been further enhanced with a series of innovations.

You will enjoy an extra-wide fishing deck for a more optimal casting experience. Other features include the Guardian Transducer Shield, which can enhance your vision. 

The kayak is powered by the Mirage 180, making it versatile and easy to use. The Kick-Up rudder system makes dual steering easier, and you will find it performs better in tight water.

Modern options in the Hobie line include the Vantage seating system, which is designed for increased comfort even on long trips. This features adjustable support, allowing you to fish with a personalized seating position.

Pure Watersports Oceanside has an experienced and knowledgeable team committed to providing you with a quality experience. If you’re interested in buying a kayak, you can visit the store in person to try out your desired model before you purchase!

Along with all the latest Hobie Kayak boats, you can find supplies and accessories for spearfishing. These include masks and snorkels, fins, wetsuits, and a wide variety of other gadgets.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Welcome to your home for fun on the water in Oceanside, California. Pure Watersports is a growing water-loving small business that is here simply for your enjoyment. Our Oceanside shop, formerly known as Oceanside Dive & Kayak, now Pure Watersports Oceanside, specializes in Hobie Kayak sales and spearfishing equipment sales for our friends in San Diego County.”

Are you ready to try out a cutting-edge Hobie fishing kayak? No appointments needed. Just visit the store today!

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