Get The Best Digital Small Business Support From This Agency In Albany GA

Apr 11, 2020

A small business survival service has been launched by a leading digital marketing agency based in Albany GA. Ascent Marketing wants to help local businesses realize the benefits of digital marketing.

Do you own a small business in Albany GA? Are you worried about your future? This new digital survival service could help to boost your online presence and increase revenue. Ascent Marketing, a leading digital marketing agency based in Albany GA, has launched a new small business survival service aimed at local, niche small to medium sized companies. You can find out more by visiting: The newly launched small business survival service has been designed to support small, niche local businesses that either have a limited digital presence or don’t have one at all. The specialist digital agency is covering specific topics as part of the new service. This includes explaining the benefits of implementing digital marketing tools as part of a wider business strategy. The benefits are highlighted through examples, case studies and success stories. It will also discuss the importance of widely available tools such as Google My Business, which allows customers to add business hours, contact details and images to a company listing. This information is then available when potential customers search for the company or associated keywords via a search engine. If you're wondering what else is included in the new service, a website consultation is provided. This can help you design, develop and launch a website. This can be applied if you don’t currently have a website or if you want to replace and refresh an existing one. The expert team at Ascent Marketing recommend updating and refreshing websites every few months. Adding new content regularly will help companies to climb higher in Google rankings and will improve searchability. A happy customer wrote: "We're a small business and we weren't online. We wanted to have a website but had no idea where to begin. Thanks to the team at Ascent Marketing, we've got a great e-commerce website and we've increased sales, revenue and profit." Ascent Marketing provides a range of digital marketing services alongside the newly launched small business survival program including Pay Per Click (PPC), content marketing, social media, website development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Facebook ads. If you're interested in learning more about Ascent Marketing, you can visit the website provided above.
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