Get The Best Digital Payment Processing System For Your Laundromat

Oct 19, 2021

Are you a proud laundromat owner or thinking of streamlining your business? Leave the old coin payment method behind and step into 21th-century technology! Call Electronic Merchant Systems today at (800-726-2117). Its team will help you go digital with your transactions, resulting in happier customers and liberating automation for you.

As a leading payment processing and merchant service provider, Electronic Merchant Systems has all the solutions you need as a laundromat owner. Transitioning from cash to cashless collections is made easy with its platform and support.

The company provides your local laundry cleaning enterprise with a user-friendly way to move from coins to cards or digital. It can supply the tools necessary for you to fully streamline your day-to-day business operation. 

One clear solution is for you to digitize payments by accepting credit or debit cards. By using the EMSmobile platform, you can swipe, dip, or tap credit cards on your mobile device.

You can itemize or generate single transactions with EMSmobile, accept tips or cash payments. The software will also track and control your inventory, saving you time and money. The system automatically files the payment making for sleek bookkeeping when the time comes to file taxes or in case you are audited.

The merchant services unify web reporting with payment processing, making it possible for you to access, edit, and file from any place in the world. As a result, self-service laundromats run without the need for your presence or that of a manager. 

The laundromat industry continues to grow steadily as many households and apartment complexes still use this convenience. It is estimated that close to $5 billion is generated in revenue each year by this service.

As a laundry machine service provider, you stand to benefit by changing to cashless payments. Most customers currently prefer this method to the traditionally coin-operated machines. Coins are increasingly hard to come by, and also, due to the current pandemic, touching money is something to avoid if possible.

Ever since being established in 1988, Electronic Merchant Systems has been assisting business owners to reach their full potential while growing at a steady financial state.

Its headquarters, located in Cleveland, Ohio, also has offices and agents all over the country serving a variety of businesses. These include retail, internet, and start-ups.

A 4.7-star rating on over 975 Google reviews for the company reflects its clients’ high satisfaction.

See how you can digitize and automate payments for your laundry cleaning business beginning today! 

You can visit if you want to access more details!

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