Get The Best Deal On BBraun IV Gravity DEHP-Free Tubing For US Medical Practices

Apr 29, 2024

In the high-stakes world of healthcare, no one can afford to cut corners. Make sure you’re giving your staff access to the best tools and equipment on the market today. For the best deals on top brands from an environmentally conscious supplier, choose SurgiMac!

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The medical and dental equipment retailer is now stocking the BBraun Primary IV Administration Set. The set is part of the company's extensive collection of medical equipment, accessories, and apparel for medical professionals like you! The product can be ordered via the SurgiMac web store with same-day dispatch available throughout the country.

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Let Gravity Do The Work!

The BBraun IV set utilizes the Gravity administration method and offers an 85-inch tubing solution for medical staff. The unit comes without ports or a back check valve and provides a drip rate of 15 drops per milliliter. The spike is a universal design so you can use it with virtually all IV accessories and products.

Patient Protection

The product features the Spin-Lock connector as well as roller and side clamps. The tubing is DEHP-free to protect your patients from any possible long-term carcinogenic side effects and has a range of between 73 and 96 inches.

How Competitive Are SurgiMac's Prices?

You can order the BBraun set individually for just $2.49 excluding VAT or in cases of 50 for $125.99 (also excluding VAT).

The unit can be complemented with a variety of other products available at the SurgiMac store. These include an IV Start Kit from the renowned McKesson brand. This features a tourniquet, ChloraPrep 1 ml applicator with DFU, two non-woven gauze strips, one Tegaderm dressing, one roll of Transpore tape, and an IV change label.

You might be interested in other useful accessories from the BBraun range including a 6-inch IV Extension Set – a sterile, filterless tubing solution with a female luer connector, removable side clamp, and a distal male luer lock connector.

About SurgiMac LLC

The company is built upon a commitment to environmentally responsible products and practices. With offices in both New York and Utah, SurgiMac serves the needs of the medical and dental communities across the US.

A spokesperson says, “Our commitment to sustainability and quality doesn't just set us apart — it defines who we are. When you partner with SurgiMac, you're not just making a purchase; you're making a statement. A statement that reflects your confidence in obtaining high-quality products that come with the assurance of true value.”

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