Get The Best Dartmouth Clinical Ketamine Infusion Treatment For Anxiety & OCD

Sep 21, 2022

Have you tried one treatment after another with the same – disappointing – results? Both chronic pain and depression have proven resistant to traditional medicine, but Ketamine therapy has shown promising – and fast – results. Call Thrive IV (508-848-8089).

Get The Best Dartmouth Clinical Ketamine Infusion Treatment For Anxiety & OCD

At high doses, ketamine is an anesthetic. At low doses, it became popular in the mid-1990s as a party drug nicknamed 'special K' after the popular cereal. But at the 'right' dosage, it has proven surprisingly effective against a range of medical/psychiatric disorders!

Thrive IV, led by Dr. Michael Pellegrino, M.D., now provides IV Ketamine therapy for patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, chronic nerve pain, obsessive-compulsive and, and anxiety disorders. Ketamine IV therapy has been shown to be safe, effective, and fast-acting and more clinics have opened up across the country on the heels of a January 2022 large study published by Stanford University Medical School.

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The medical clinic, based in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, now tailors treatment plans based on your diagnosis and individual needs - following a comprehensive consultation with you to determine if ketamine therapy is an appropriate treatment for your condition. Most patients begin with a series of six infusions over 2-3 weeks, followed by periodic maintenance infusions - all carefully monitored by Dr. Pellegrino and his team, and adjusted as necessary for optimal results.

The high success rate of Ketamine IV therapy - 70-80% - and immediate effects of ketamine therapy make it a compelling alternative treatment for patients suffering from difficult-to-treat symptoms. Another study published last week in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry re-confirmed previously reported findings that intravenous ketamine therapy patients with depression and anxiety symptoms showed major improvements after clinical treatments.

Thrive IV offers a supportive and comfortable environment for patients looking to overcome their particular disorder. The clinic provides calming rooms with soothing music and also offers vitamin infusion therapy customized to your needs - either on its own or in combination, as appropriate, with the designated ketamine regimen.

As the Ketamine IV sessions progress, Dr. Pellegrino may add medications, vitamins, and other nutrients to maintain/enhance the positive effects of the infusions and alleviate any unpleasant sensations that may arise - all dependent on your medical history and response to treatment. After the initial series of treatments, maintenance infusions can be scheduled on a case-by-case basis, as individual response rates vary.

Dr. Pellegrino, a board-certified physician, has witnessed the ravages of serious psychiatric disorders and chronic pain firsthand throughout his career and as an attending ER physician for decades. He believes that Ketamine IV therapy represents an important breakthrough for the medical community and its patients.

“We offer evidence-based solutions for patients in need of urgent relief from the pain they are going through,” said a clinic representative. “Our goal is to help people lead more productive, fulfilled and - above all else - happier lives. We believe we now have the tools to make that happen.”

The clinic offers what you truly want - realistic hope for a better life: more laughter, fewer tears!

You can go to or call 508-848-8089 and arrange for a consultation. Your future self will thank you!

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