Get The Best Customer Analytics & Unified CRM Inbox App For Your Small Business

Jan 28, 2023

Time is money! Save yourself thousands of dollars and even more hours with Bigly’s Android CRM app. Enjoy automated processing and a unified inbox for emails, texts, and voice calls. Get it today!

Get The Best Customer Analytics & Unified CRM Inbox App For Your Small Business

If you're having to cut corners with your CRM because of budgets, say hello to Bigly - the ultimate tool for sales teams. Now you can get an affordable alternative to HubSpot that runs on Android devices. The all-in-one CRM platform has just updated its data tracking features for small businesses. Get it today!

Enjoy an upgraded suite of customer relationship management tools, helping you optimize your commercial operations with state-of-the-art analytics. The Bigly app offers an intuitive and responsive tool to improve your communications, increase productivity, and accelerate revenue growth.

Become a better business with Bigly! Get the best CRM system, tailored to your needs and without those huge fees. More details at

Bigly's unique pay-as-you-go model provides your small business with a viable and affordable alternative to expensive platforms such as HubSpot and Salesforce. With powerful, automated data loading, the app saves you valuable time on administrative tasks, allowing you to concentrate on the bigger picture of your business plan.

The digitization of business practices over recent decades has seen CRM become a crucial part of any successful operation. Selling high-quality products and services is no longer enough to stay relevant in the intensely-competitive e-commerce space. Fostering deeper relationships and loyalty with customers has a significant impact on a business's bottom line.

Bigly requires no technical expertise in terms of setup or operation and was designed for sales agents and business owners rather than engineers or tech-savvy employees. The platform's pricing model means that you don't pay any annual fees, maintenance costs, or implementation charges, and are only liable for communication tariffs. Prices start at just $0.005 per email, $0.01 per text, and $0.3 per minute for voice calls.

Another useful Bigly feature is its automated call transcription service which enables you to keep track of communications and improve customer service performance. The home screen gathers all your essential data from emails, messages, and calls into one central location so that you can see a tally of open orders, complaints, deliveries, and sales calls at a glance.

Bigly's unified inbox gathers all communications together to speed up and optimize the efficiency of your day-to-day communications. An email blast feature allows you to send thousands of emails to customer lists in a matter of seconds while the app's SMS facility offers more flexibility and unlimited tagging.

A spokesperson says, “Our vision is to provide all the best sales tools in one platform, allowing you to communicate with your clients anywhere in the world. You will always have free access to our customer relationship software.”

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Turn your customer data into gold with Bigly Pay-As-You-Go!

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