Get The Best Critical Analysis And Problem Solving Online Classes For Children

Oct 12, 2020

Looking for the best critical analysis and reasoning course for your children? Check out the new Critical Analysis and Reasoning Course at The Reading Ranch and help your children develop critical thinking skills!

If you want your child to succeed at school and throughout their life, this new online program is the solution for you!

The Reading Ranch announced the launch of a new Reading Ranch Critical Analysis and Reasoning Course (CARs) for fifth and sixth grade students. These interactive online classes can help your child master critical thinking skills.

The newly launched Critical Analysis and Reasoning Course at The Reading Ranch aims to help fifth and sixth graders make sense of the world around them and set them up for academic success.

According to The Reading Ranch, critical skills are essential for young students. Thinking critically is an asset that can help your child’s academic success as they move through primary school, into secondary and throughout their adult lives.

The Reading Ranch further explains that critical analysis and reasoning classes allow your child to become more independent and self-directed, assess their strengths and weaknesses, promote better decision-making and spur creativity, and enhance their ability to work with other people in a team setting.

In addition, courses like the Reading Ranch Critical Analysis and Reasoning Course help your child have more control over their learning and the courage to try new things. At the end of the course, students will be able to readily accept different points of view, formulate their own opinions and translate their critical skills into other areas of academics.

The literacy program for fifth and sixth graders at The Reading Ranch focuses on analysis and reasoning, direct and indirect questions, word study, connotations, thesis and arguments, and many more.

The weekly class helps your child master comprehension, explore analysis, reflection, argument, and reasoned decision making using a logic-based approach. Children will also be able to broaden their vocabulary with word study, connotations, and analysis of topic sentences.

More information can be found at

The Reading Ranch specializes in providing students in Pre-K through sixth grade with a strong foundation in reading, writing, and spelling. Dr Kim Southwell started The Reading Ranch Tutorial Center in 2006 with the belief that your child’s ability to read, write and comprehend creates the basis for education and career success.

Click on the link above or access and for more info. You can also call (214) 436-5533.

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