Get The Best Corrosion-Free Aluminium Window Replacements In Bardwell Park

Nov 20, 2022

Don’t you want that happy combination of energy efficiency and eco-friendliness?! Pair your aluminium window frames with insulated, double-glazed panes and watch your energy costs plummet! Call SOS Glass Services Pty (0410-311-916) today.

Get The Best Corrosion-Free Aluminium Window Replacements In Bardwell Park

Plus, you can pick the ideal finish for the existing decor of your home by powder-coating aluminium to match the aesthetic you want.

SOS Glass Services Pty offers aluminium windows and door installation services for residential and commercial properties. Compared to more conventional materials like wood, aluminium doors and windows are more corrosion-resistant, strong, lightweight, and malleable. Unlike with other types of windows, you won't need to bother about ongoing maintenance like painting or repairs

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The Sydney-based glazing company, which has been operating for more than 25 years, has expanded its aluminium windows and door services in response to increased demand in Australia and across the Asia-Pacific region. Fire and water-damage-resistant, aluminium windows and doors may be used with any type of door or window - including sliding doors, casement windows, and picture windows - which gives them a singular appeal to home and business owners.

The aluminium doors and windows market size - globally almost $60 billion and led by the Asia-Pacific region - is anticipated to keep growing at approximately 5% annually over the next several years. The main types of aluminium doors and windows include aluminium doors, exterior doors, patio doors, aluminium windows, sliding windows, and bi-fold windows. Commercial construction firms have been working to raise their Green Star ratings over the past five years, which presents a chance for the industry to profit from aluminium's strong insulating properties and recyclable nature.

SOS Glass Services offers a wide selection of energy-efficient and eco-friendly aluminium doors and windows for residential and commercial projects. Aluminium windows and doors are a good match for contemporary homes because they incorporate all the characteristics of modern design, including clean lines, a lot of glass, and a minimalist style.

Moreover, aluminium is a very resilient material, and typical Australian weather conditions like high winds, scorching heat, and rain typically cause havoc on other materials used for windows, such as steel and timber. The company’s certified personnel can install doors and windows within predetermined deadlines thanks to their years of experience, helping to prevent construction delays.

Australian-owned and operated, SOS Glass Services also specialises in customised frameless glass installations - for both your home and your business. The firm offers glass pool fencing, spiral replacements, glass office partitions, residential and commercial glass replacements, and emergency repairs. All of the company’s products and installations are compliant with Australian safety standards.

One customer commented: “SOS Glass Services installed new aluminium partitions in our office. Bob and his team did an outstanding job and I would highly recommend.”

Because of the strength and flexibility of aluminium, doors and windows can be made to exact specifications. Since they are so easy to customise, aluminium doors and windows are also more affordable - and they give you bigger, better views. Now you just need a glass specialist! Doh!

It's your lucky day, so go to or just call 0410-311-916.

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