Get The Best Connected Fleet Management Software To Increase Business Revenues

Apr 2, 2021

Fueloyal Inc. has launched a fleet management tool for users of its connected vehicle platform. You can collect real-time data to improve the performance of your workers and operational efficiency!

Do you run a trucking, taxi, or delivery service? How do you track the efficiency of your drivers? Have you considered implementing a connected fleet management tool that provides real-time data and reports? Read on to find out how this platform can revolutionize your operations!

Fueloyal Inc. has launched a new fleet management service for its Internet of Things (IoT) and connected vehicle platform. The feature provides real-time fleet management solutions and field data from any location in the world.

You can find out more at

You can easily track and monitor your auto assets from any location with the new service. This can help you improve the operational efficiency of your organization as you can track your fleet usage and your driver’s behaviors. You can read more details at

This can range from positive behaviors such as arriving on time and taking the most efficient route, to poor behaviors including speeding, harsh braking, and dangerous driving. The advantages of this data being collected are the fact you can implement compliance practices to improve your company.

From a consumer perspective, when you implement the fleet management system you can enhance your customer service through communication. For instance, you can provide real-time updates to your customers if they are waiting for a vehicle or delivery.

Features such as this are useful for parents and outside stakeholders who want to access progress reports and receive automatic delay alerts. Fleet management service gives customers peace of mind since they can anticipate arrivals or delays, which improves customer service, reduces calls, and helps companies better conduct their operations.

You can implement custom geo-fences for full control over your data monitoring settings and analysis. The IoT vehicle solutions provided by Fueloyal Inc. can be used by any auto company from taxicab fleet managers to truck fleet management companies.

A ‘Time on Site Report’ feature enables your managers to track how long it takes for deliveries and collections to be completed by drivers. This knowledge could motivate your drivers to meet their targets and can be used in performance review meetings.

In addition, the data can inform your company training programs and manuals to ensure there are standardized practices.

A spokesperson said: “Authorized users can anticipate arrivals or delays, which improves customer service, reduces calls, and thus become a differentiator for your business.”

“Our fleet management and IoT connected vehicle platform will ultimately improve your system operations and help grow your business,” they added.

You can read further details about the platform by visiting this link today!

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