Get The Best Commercial Hemp Solutions With All American Hemp Company

Apr 14, 2020

If you want the best commercial solutions for US hemp, you can trust All American Hemp Company. They are experts in seeding, farming, packaging and more.

Whether you’re a farmer, wholesaler, broker or brand, you can work with All American Hemp Company for the very best in commercial hemp solutions. They’re a leader in the field, and are expanding throughout 2020 to continue their great service.

The All American Hemp Company has expanded its service in order to offer even better options for the commercial hemp community. They specialize in seed production and replication, farming Good Agricultural Practices, and processing, formulation and global fulfillment.

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As part of the company’s expansion, they will be opening 1,500 acres of farming land in Puerto Rico in 2020. They began with just four acres of farmland in Colorado, before scaling to 1,500 acres there.

Now they’re growing further in order to serve you and your business in the most effective way. Their team of professional growers cultivate not only impressive hauls of hemp, but industry-leading knowledge and best farming practices.

The company’s farming processes have always been at the cutting edge of the industry. Their focus is on how to maximize their yields, while staying compliant with approved seed and plant lists across state lines.

Now they have grown to be a leader in the industry, and enjoy building relationships with farmers, wholesalers, brokers, co-op groups and brand companies.

They provide commercial solutions for the industrial hemp community. Services range from supply chain management for company and white-label deliverables to the marketplace, through to agricultural assistance.

The company states: “We have a wide network of partners and in-house processors that power an extensive distribution network. Our state-of-the-art fulfillment center provides track and trace systems and co-packing with verified testing and demonstrated compliance with GMP/ISO standards.”

All American Hemp Company provides wholesale and bulk items, and provides handling and storage solutions for bulk raw materials and packaged goods. They can also offer their expertise in designing, producing, packaging, and white-labeling finished goods.

They understand and excel in the full hemp supply chain, from seed production to farming and processing.

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