Get The Best Censorship-Free Brave Alternative Web Browser For Conservatives

Mar 14, 2023

Are you tired of liberals and Big Tech controlling the narrative of all of the media that you see daily? If so, you need to download the censorship-free conservative web browser, TUSK.

Get The Best Censorship-Free Brave Alternative Web Browser For Conservatives

If you want to browse the Internet with the power of free speech, you need TUSK!

The new web browser, designed by conservatives for conservatives, allows you to visit websites and news outlets unimpeded by censorship or liberal bias. You can also filter your own news feed to show only articles from media outlets that you trust.

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In the polarized political climate of today, finding honest, reliable, and unbiased news sources can be difficult. A recent Pew survey found that 72% of Americans think websites intentionally censor political views at odds with their own. In addition, 65% of Americans think that the majority of this censorship is controlled by left-leaning, liberal organizations. TUSK is the conservative response to Big Tech infringing on free speech.

TUSK is the first and only “Freedom First” web browser with uncensored news coverage. The browser’s built-in News Feed features stories from popular right-leaning media organizations such as Fox News, The Daily Wire, OANN, Newsmax, and The Epoch Times. The feed can also be customized to show only stories from outlets that you want to see.

TUSK also features its own unique built-in search engine. Though still in the prototype stage, the search engine is being designed with conservatives in mind and will provide uncensored access to information that is free of any liberal bias. However, in keeping with their stance on “freedom,” TUSK will still allow you to use whichever search engine you prefer.

In addition to the expanded access to censored materials, the new TUSK browser also improves productivity. It utilizes the latest in bookmark and tab management, imports settings, saves passwords with the built-in manager, supports most Chrome extensions, and updates automatically.

With TUSK, you will also be able to browse the Internet more securely and privately. TUSK uses SSL or HTTPS, when available, to protect you from being seen and tracked by others including IP providers and public Wi-Fi networks. TUSK also allows you to easily delete your browsing history and cookies.

“I realized there was no conservative browser, so all the browsers, all the search engines, are all liberal-biased, they’re all to the left,” said TUSK Founder and CEO Jeff Bermant. "They want you to see what they want you to see. They want you to read what they want you to read. And I realized after we built browsers for 12 years, we need to change that."

TUSK is available for both Android and iOS mobile as well as desktop devices. No account or registration is required to use TUSK.

About TUSK

TUSK was started in 2021 by Founder and CEO Jeff Bermant. With over 15 years of experience in web development, Bermant combined his knowledge of technology with the love he has for his country, in order to create TUSK. TUSK's advisory board also features prominent conservatives, including Matt and Mercedes Schlapp, Scott W. Reed, Ryan McGowan, Alex Hinson, and Stanton Anderson.

Visit today and start browsing the Internet the way it was designed to be browsed: FREE and UNCENSORED!

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