Get The Best Carson City NV Electrical Contractor For Your Commercial Building

Feb 26, 2021

Looking for an experienced commercial electrical contractor? Based in Carson City, Nevada, Lakeview Electric has launched its updated commercial electrical contracting service. The company has a wealth of experience and offers a 1-year guarantee on all labor.

Looking for an experienced commercial electrical contractor? If you answered 'yes', then this contractor is for you!

Lakeview Electric has launched its updated commercial electrical contracting service in Carson City, Nevada. The company’s skilled staff can handle a wide variety of commercial electrical jobs.

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Lakeview Electric’s updated service can handle almost all commercial electrical tasks. If you are looking to install a renewable energy system in your building or on your property, the company is experienced in installing solar PV systems as well as charging stations for electric vehicles. As renewable energy becomes less expensive, Lakeview Electric can help you make the shift to green energy.

If your business is looking to install security systems, Lakeview Electric’s skilled and experienced staff can assist. The company has installed the electric systems for sensormatic security systems. Lakeview Electric can also install Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems, which can be used to monitor processes such as transmission of electricity, water distribution, oil and gas transportation in pipelines, and also traffic lights.

Lakeview Electric also installs heating, ventilation, and air condition systems in buildings. Whether it is furnaces in winter or air conditioning units in summer, Lakeview Electric will perform the job quickly and efficiently. If needed, the company can also install a fire alarm in your building.

If voltage is needed to be brought up or down in an electrical circuit, Lakeview Electric can install transformers. If you are looking to have backup power systems in place in case the electricity goes out, then the company can install an uninterruptible power source or a generator and also transfer switches.

Lakeview Electric has more than 30 years of electrical experience across almost all fields. The company is a licensed contractor and it offers you a free estimate. The company typically begins work on a project within one week of the estimate being carried out.

Lakeview Electric uses the highest quality materials available and stands behind its work offering you a 1-year guarantee on all labor. In addition to Carson City, the company also serves the communities of Reno, Minden, Fernley, Fallon, Dayton, and Sparks.

You can get more information about Lakeview Electric by visiting or you can call 775-227-6305.

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