Get The Best Carpet Cleaning Treatments In Bloomington With This Top Rated Company

Apr 7, 2020

Looking for the best carpet cleaning services in Bloomington? Call JJ Carpet Cleaning Pros today for the prompt
and professional deep upholstery cleaning solutions you need!

Never compromise on the quality and cleanliness of your home - call the certified technicians at JJ Carpet Cleaning today for the prompt, reliable and professional jet wash services you deserve!

Bloomington carpet cleaners JJ Carpet Cleaning Pros announced the launch of updated cleaning services for homes and small businesses. The company currently offers jet cleaning for several surfaces.

More information about JJ Carpet Cleaning Pros is available at

The newly updated services aims to help homeowners maintain a cleaner and safer home. 

A recent study showed that a large majority of property owners make the mistake of thinking that ‘looking clean’ is the same thing as being clean, but a simple vacuum or clean does not remove deeper dust and bacteria. The average carpet can be infested with dust mites, feces, and other unpleasant elements.

The study also revealed that the average person sheds 1.5 million skin flakes per hour and those flakes embed themselves in carpets.

The JJ Carpet Cleaning Pros team provides comprehensive carpet cleaning services statewide so that your carpets are left hygienically clean - with no embedded dirt (that can total several pounds), bacteria or allergens.

A deep professional clean also has the benefit of extending the life of your carpets, creating a healthier environment for children, and reducing traffic lanes.

As part of their specialized treatments, JJ Carpet Cleaning Pros assess and treat identified stains using a range of pH-balanced products without the use of harsh or harmful chemical agents. The company has a range of portable units so that even hard-to-reach surfaces can be cleaned.

The 4 main areas serviced by JJ Carpet Cleaning Pros are carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile grout, and hardwood flooring and air duct cleaning.

You can view the many satisfied reviews from previous customers at

JJ Carpet Cleaning Pros are the trusted Bloomington carpet cleaners you can always rely on!

Call them today at +1-952-261-3324 or click on the link for all your deep clean and jet wash needs.

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