Get The Best Breckenridge, CO Crepes With Sweet Options Like Nutella Spread!

Jun 25, 2021

Looking for the best creperie in Breckenridge, CO? Visit Crepes a la Cart Kitchen for the wide selection of delicious crepes you deserve!

Have you been craving a new delicious crepe to try? Visit Crepes a la Cart Kitchen for the popular selection of fresh crepes you deserve!

Crepes a la Cart Kitchen, a creperie based in Breckenridge, Colorado, has expanded its selection of unique and tasty crepes. The company offers a wide variety of savory, sweet, and breakfast crepes and also gives you the option to create your own.

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The company’s newly expanded selection of award-winning crepes is created with fresh ingredients. They have healthy options like their “Veggie Lover’s” crepe and guilty pleasure treats like the “Cheese Cake” crepe.

The creperie gives you the option to build your own sweet crepes with a wide variety of ingredients to choose from. Some available choices are bananas, blueberries, Irish cream, spiced rum, peanut butter, natural maple syrup, chocolate, almonds, pecans, marshmallows, and honey.

Crepes a la Cart Kitchen’s “Savory Specialties” menu includes the “Monte Cristo” which contains cheddar cheese, ham, chicken, honey Dijon, raspberry jam, and powdered sugar. Their “Pizza Crepe” is made with shredded mozzarella, marinara sauce, garlic, crushed red pepper, and parmesan. You can find additional details at

The company’s “Sweet Crepes” menu includes the popular “Nutella Crepe” which is made with Nutella milk chocolate hazelnut spread. They also sell a “Lemon Souffle” which has butter, sugar, lemon juice, and Chantilly cream. Their “Breakfast Crepes” menu offers the “American Classic” that includes a jumbo egg and cheddar cheese. You can add optional items to it like ham, bacon, turkey, chicken, salmon, and jalapeno.

Crepes a la Cart Kitchen offers the most well-renowned crepes in Colorado. The crepe cart was established in the year 2000 and the business has tested and tried several locations and models to evolve into the growing business it is today. Recently, the company opened a new brick and mortar location known as the “Kitchen” to differentiate itself from the classic “Cart”.

A satisfied customer said: “Cannot visit downtown Breckenridge without enjoying a delicious crepe. To our delight, they opened a little café right across the street from their original cart. The Nutella and raspberry is my go-to. My husband usually steers towards the savory choices, which are also quite good, but nothing compares to the melted sweet Nutella oozing out of the fresh crepe.”

Crepes a la Cart Kitchen are the crepe-making professionals you can trust - visit their website today to view all of their menu items!

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