Get The Best Board Certified Patient Advocate Support Services In Berkeley CA

May 5, 2021

Lamorinda Patient Advocacy has the healthcare support services you need in Berkeley California! Contact the company today to learn more about how they can help!

Are you sick and struggling to understand the healthcare system? Contact Lamorinda Patient Advocacy to learn how they can support you today!

Lamorinda Patient Advocacy has just announced the launch of its services in Berkeley, CA. The company specializes in providing patients with comprehensive healthcare support.

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This latest announcement will help you navigate the healthcare system with ease, letting you to focus on getting better.

Seeking medical care can be a highly stressful experience. Studies show that patients who feel intimidated by their doctor experience worse health care outcomes, as well as increased difficulty describing their symptoms or asking questions regarding their ailment or treatment.

Moreover, patients in the United States must navigate the health care system’s complex bureaucracy, including organizing important paperwork such as bills and insurance forms.

While hospitals and insurance companies can provide health care advocates, they often represent the best interests of their employers rather than the patient.

Lamorinda Patient Advocacy responds to these trends by expanding its services to include patients located in Berkeley, CA. The company is lead by Scott Fraser, a board certified health care advocate.

Fraser provides you with a variety of diseases and conditions with general support, including communicating and coordinating with doctors, organizing information, arranging and managing caregiver agencies and helping with Advanced Health Care Directives.

Scott Fraser can also research healthcare options on your behalf. This includes researching hospital facilities, doctors, second opinions, living facilities and other support services.

Fraser also offers you support in resolving insurance matters, such as issues with Medicare, supplementary insurance, MediCal. Lamorinda Patient Advocacy will also track and file your paperwork and payments for any healthcare costs.

The company will provide you with an initial meeting to assess your situation and discuss your personal health care goals. This ensures you will receive a personalized patient advocacy service.

Scott Fraser founded Lamorinda Patient Advocacy after caring for his mother in 2015 and realizing that many patients needed help communicating and coordinating with health care providers. This latest announcement is in line with Fraser’s commitment to providing patients with high-quality advocacy services, allowing them to concentrate on their health and healing.

A spokesperson for the company said: “At Lamorinda Patient Advocacy, we know that getting medical help can be a difficult experience. Our personalized advocacy services will help patients in Berkeley, CA get better faster.”

Scott Fraser at Lamorinda Patient Advocacy is the health care support expert you can rely on! Contact to get the advocacy services you need!

Ready to start focusing on getting better? Go to to get the health care support you deserve today!

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