Get The Best Beginners Guide For Keyword Site Optimization And Google Ranking

Apr 17, 2020

Get the low down on how to rank on Google with the SEO strategy guide that helps you identify keywords to get you ranked and found online!

In order to start making money online, you need to be found online. And one of the easiest ways to get found online is to rank on Google and other search engines when people are searching online.

They best way to rank on Google is having a solid SEO keyword strategy in place where you identify suitable keywords that you use in writing content for your website.

Luckily for you, Green Frog Digital, a resource-based information site that shows everyday people how to monetize their passions and skills online, launch a new marketing guide for beginners looking to learn how to optimize their website for SEO and increased website rankings on Google.

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is the process of optimizing a website to try and achieve higher rankings in search results when people search for specific keywords related to a product or service.

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The bottom line is that if a website is not set up for SEO, nobody will find that website in search engines and will only be found if somebody types in the site address, which means that the site loses out on traffic and potential sales.

The primary function of SEO is to drive traffic to a site and plays an important part in website conversion. Keyword research and planning is the basis of a good SEO strategy where keywords and long-tail (usually three to four words) keyword phrases are strategically placed in the website content and back-end of the website. Google then tracks those keywords, assesses the quality of the content related to those keywords and ranks the website accordingly when those keywords are searched by a user.

Tanya McKey, the creator of Green Frog Digital stated: "This is critical when developing your content - from your website page content, to your blog content, in your content marketing strategy as well as your social media marketing strategy. It’s really about understanding what your potential clients are actually searching for in your niche and strategically using specific keywords in your website and content in order to let Google know that your website has information relating to those keywords."

Keyword research allows businesses to uncover the terms, questions and answers that are important to their customers. As such, keyword planning is highly important to achieving business goals, whether a business is interested in getting more page views, capturing leads, or selling products and services.

The beginners guide to website ranking provides detailed information and step-by-step instruction on how to generate keywords and long tail keyword phrases using Google Ads Keyword Planner, free keyword generator tools as well as the benefits of using a paid SEO keyword planning tool that can save a significant amount of time and research hours. Marketing novices can easily uncover low-competition keywords and long-tail keyword phrases to use in their content, learn what keywords their competitors are using and understand their SEO metrics in one place, making SEO extremely easy.

The newly launched guide covers technical SEO keyword positioning, internal website linking that improves SEO, the impact of external links as well as how to optimize video and images for SEO, ensuring that the foundations for good SEO are in place.

It's clear that as we fast track into the Internet of Things, any online business that wants to increase their website rankings, get more traffic to their site, gain more visibility and increase their potential for more sales will need to have a strong SEO strategy in place. The beauty of SEO is that it's the cheapest form of marketing and while it can take some time to build traction, it's proven to be a solid long-term digital marketing strategy.

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