Get The Best Beginner Music Video Lessons To Learn To Play The Piano At Any Age

Sep 20, 2020

Music Motivation® has announced its Essential Piano Exercises Course by Jerald Simon to help you learn to play the piano with engaging video lessons covering everything you need to know.

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to learn to play the piano? Would you like online lessons that cover everything including music theory and improvisation?

Music Motivation® has announced the launch of its ‘Essential Piano Exercises Course’ by Jerald Simon if you are looking to learn to play the piano, regardless of your previous experiences.

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The newly released course gives you everything you need to know in order to learn to play the piano from home. Designed to accommodate you if you are a complete beginner or have some prior experience, the Essential Piano Exercises Course aims to help you develop your piano skills further.

Learning to play the piano can be both a rewarding and entertaining pursuit regardless of your age. It has also been known to help combat depression and stress. However, finding a course that allows you to learn at your own pace and covers all the necessary information while being fun and engaging can be challenging. Music Motivation® aims to solve this issue by giving you a self-paced and fun course for learning piano that covers all the key areas.

Created by Jerald Simon, the Essential Piano Exercises Course aims to give you all the tools you need to progress in your piano playing journey, covering the essential information such as scales, arpeggios, and chords. Learning through the online music platform will also develop your skills in how to play from fake books, as well as how to transpose music for the piano.

The Essential Piano Exercises Course from Music Motivation® can benefit you if you are a beginner or intermediate player wanting to learn more about music theory, such as how to read music, music arranging techniques, and improvisation. Furthermore, the course was created for both traditional and non-traditional piano players, making it beneficial regardless of your playing style.

The lessons in the Essential Piano Exercises Course include videos with overhead views of Jerald playing the piano, allowing you to see exactly what he is playing while he explains what he is doing. Additionally, the course includes PDF sheets with each exercise written out for studying. Detailed information on the course can also be found here,

The Essential Piano Exercises Course also includes further support through a Facebook group where you can share videos and ask questions. Jerald also conducts live sessions each week to teach on additional topics, and interact with students and answer further questions.

Start learning the piano with detailed and entertaining online lessons with The Essential Piano Exercises Course from Music Motivation® and Jerald Simon today!

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