Get The Best Audiobook To Help You Overcome Your Children’s Sleep Issues

Jun 3, 2020

Parents can learn how to develop healthy bedtime routines to overcome sleep issues with this newly launched audiobook on Audible. It contains practical strategies to help the whole family sleep better.

Are you a new parent? Are your children failing to sleep through the night? Would you like to understand sleep issues and how to overcome them? If you have said 'yes', this is the new audiobook for you!

A new audiobook has been launched on Audible called Sleep Routines for Baby and You: How to Help Your Child Sleep Through the Night and Finally Get the Rest You Crave. Raquel Grace has launched the book in a bid to help you and other new parents beat exhaustion and help your baby get into a good sleep routine.

You can view the audiobook online here

The newly launched Audible audiobook shares the secrets to raising a good sleeper, even if your bedtime routine is currently a challenging time. The premise of the book is the idea that while sleep is natural to everyone, babies can experience a range of sleep troubles. Raquel Grace explains this can vary from your baby waking up at all hours to failing to sleep at bedtime.

As you may be aware, many parents think it is part of the parenting experience but fail to realize it does not have to be this way. The author argues sleep routines can be taught, and healthy habits can be developed over time. The audiobook offers you practical tips, insights, and guidance.

The book will teach you how much sleep your child needs, the research behind why sleep is important, and the health effects of poor sleep. Whether you listen or read, you will learn strategies to help your children fall asleep and stay asleep.

Additionally, it will teach the stages of sleep and why each is essential, reasons why sleep problems can occur in the first place, the impact of sleep deprivation, reasons why technology doesn’t belong in the bedroom, apps and resources for you and your children to aid sleep, tips to help you figure out why your children have trouble sleeping and how you can address each issue.

A happy listener said: "My youngest child started sleeping badly once our newborn arrived - we couldn't understand why things changed and desperately needed help to fix our bedtime routine. After listening to the audiobook, we have created bedtime strategies as a family and now all sleep better!"

You can download the audiobook from Audible now!

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