Get The Best At-Home Asthma Symptom Management With This Lightweight Device

May 11, 2022

If you suffer from asthma, this is the device you need in your life! It makes breathing easier and strengthens your lungs while being easy to use.

Are you fed up with the grip asthma has on your daily life? Do you want to improve airflow and get more from your day? The AirPhysio could be exactly what you need!

Around 25 million Americans suffer from asthma each year, and this innovative product can help them improve their breathing at home. The AirPhysio device is lightweight, easy to use, and can fit inside any bag.

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Life Wellness Healthcare's latest product announcement is due to popular demand for the award-winning, Australian-made breathing aid. It’s ideally suited if you have asthma, COPD, or bronchiectasis, as it clears your airways and strengthens your lungs without requiring extensive use.

Asthma causes bronchoconstriction, a condition where bronchus muscle contraction limits the air that you breathe. It also triggers inflammation of soft tissue, and can often lead to excess mucus buildup.

By ordering the AirPhysio from Life Wellness Healthcare, you can strengthen your lungs through oscillating positive expiratory pressure. This OPEP technology initiates your body’s natural mucus-clearing process using vibration.

The company explains that the device only needs to be used for a few minutes at a time. No extra materials, batteries, or liquids are required for this. You simply exhale through the product to begin the process.

Life Wellness Healthcare continually updates its store to ensure that customers across America have access to the best respiratory devices.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Life Wellness Healthcare was established to meet the needs of people who live each day with respiratory conditions. We know first hand what it’s like to live with such conditions. It can be hard, and that’s why we are committed to offer products that meet the needs of the customers we serve. Our aim is to help people breathe again.”

In addition to the AirPhysio, a variety of other products are available in the store. These include filters for the AirPhysio for optimal lung health, protective masks, and spacers for better breathing.

The AirPhysio OPEP device has currently garnered over 2,000 five-star reviews for its effectiveness. You can order with ease through the Life Wellness Healthcare site, and there are several payment options available.

Why don’t you make 2022 the year that you enjoy a more active lifestyle? AirPhysio can be the tool to help get you there!

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