Get The Best Alternative Treatment For Knee Pain With Dr. Silva In Bellevue, WA

Nov 20, 2021

Dr. Silva of Interventional Orthopedics of Washington brings you the alternative knee pain therapy you’ve been searching for. His Bellevue, WA-based clinic is now offering Platelet Rich Plasma injections that will get you living pain-free with without negative long-term side effects.

Interventional Orthopedics of Washington specializes in non-surgical orthopedic regenerative medicine. The therapeutic procedures offered there are suited for anyone with a complex, chronic, or unresolved joint pain complaints. 

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The procedures such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections and other regenerative therapies are administered by Dr. Silva himself. As a highly trained and board-certified physician, he uses advanced imaging to guide the precise placement of every treatment. 

His number one goal is to get you back to doing what you love, pain-free. One added benefit of regenerative injection therapies is that you get these results without the negative effects of corticosteroid injections. 

Cortisone shots are known to have a negative impact on the immune system, metabolic function, blood pressure, blood sugar, as well as worsen joint and tissue degeneration. On the other hand, PRP, which is one of the most popular therapies offered by the clinic, is a non-surgical remedy to knee pain that is not known to cause these same negative side effects.

There have been many studies on the best alternatives to high-dose cortisone injections for knee pain, and PRP stands out as a leading treatment option. The injection is made from the platelets found in your own blood. 

This tissue contains growth factors known as cytokines that have a positive effect on healing muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and cartilage. Additionally, they facilitate the reduction of knee joint pain and inflammation. 

The injections must be administered by a trained professional such as Dr. Silva, who is uniquely qualified to do so for conditions of both the spine and peripheral joints such as knees. He is the only doctor in the Pacific Northwest that is fellowship-trained in Interventional Orthopedics. 

If you are looking to avoid knee replacement surgery, medication, and the negative effects of cortisone shots, you should consider PRP injections. Dr. Silva has helped countless people get back to living active, pain free lives while maintaining optimal health and immune systems.

The clinic was established by Otoño Silva, MD, in 2019 to address joint pain and orthopedic issues non-surgically. Dr. Silva treats common sports injuries, joint pain, neck and back pain with regenerative therapies, including image-guided prolotherapy and cellular therapy, which is sometimes referred to as stem cell therapy. Interventional Orthopedics of Washington is a member of the Interventional Orthopedics Foundation and the Washington State Medical Association. 

If you feel like you will be in pain for the rest of your life and watch people do the active things you love to do, know there is hope. Dr. Silva can help get you moving again and keep you motivated to continue improving your life. 

One very satisfied patient said: “I injured my knee 2 years ago. Then my physical therapist suggested I see Dr. Silva. I had PRP about 2 months ago and my life has changed. I am 100% pain free for everyday activities and the things that are still challenging are getting better. Dr. Silva gave me my life back, and most importantly, keeps me motivated to keep working to get stronger. I would recommend Dr. Silva to anyone.”

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