Get The Best Air Duct Cleaning Service For Your Home Or Business In Amherst NY

Apr 28, 2021

Looking for the best air duct cleaning specialists in Amherst, NY? Call Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration today at 716-990-2110 for the HVAC duct deep clean and UV air purification your home or business needs!

Looking for a reliable way to keep your Amherst, NY home free of common indoor air pollutants? Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration has the air duct cleaning and UV air purification solutions you need!

Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration, an HVAC duct cleaning specialist servicing Amherst, NY, has launched an updated range of air duct cleaning and UV light air purification services for residential and commercial clients in the area.

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The air duct cleaning and UV air purification solutions from Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration offer you affordable and reliable ways to remove common indoor air pollutants from your residence or commercial building.

Many home and business owners neglect the routine deep cleaning your air ducts need to prevent harmful contaminants from accumulating. When your air ducts are clogged, dirty, or poorly maintained, a buildup of lint, dust, mold, or other debris can cause significant health and safety hazards for occupants of your building.

Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration provides you with comprehensive cleaning services to remove these particles from your air ducts. Regular and thorough cleaning keeps your HVAC system working effectively and reduces your risk of accidental fires and respiratory concerns including allergies and asthma.

The company also offers you air purification services using the latest UV light technology. Installing a UV light in your residential or commercial furnace can kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi that contaminate indoor air and cause you breathing problems and other health symptoms.

The equipment and cleaning techniques used by Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration are environmentally friendly and safe for pets. All cleaning services can be personalized to suit your unique needs, and you can schedule appointments with the company’s trained technicians seven days a week.

Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration was founded in 1989 in Buffalo, NY and has since grown to serve homes and businesses throughout the western New York region. The company offers you a variety of professional services including carpet cleaning, house power washing, and dryer vent cleaning.

The company’s HVAC air duct cleaning division has built a reputation for satisfying customers with their experienced technicians, high quality equipment, and competitive prices. You can find more information about the company’s services at or at

A spokesperson for the company said: “Cleanway always sends two highly trained technicians and spends 3.5 to 5 hours in your home. I personally have bad allergies and asthma, so I understand that we must do our best job because my customer’s health and quality of life depend on the quality and detail of our workmanship. When you call Cleanway you can be assured the best job is being done.”

Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration has the best equipment and the skilled technicians you can trust to keep the health hazards out of your air! Call 716-990-2110 to find out more!

Ready to remove the harmful dust and debris from your air ducts? Click on to book your appointment today!

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