Get Straighter Teeth With High-Quality Clear Aligners From Brantford Orthodonist

May 8, 2024

Ready to finally have the beautifully straight smile you deserve? In Brantford, Schacher Orthodontics (519-752-0990) offers tailored clear aligners from the highest-quality USA-made and Canadian-made brands, so you can smile with confidence.

Getting braces as an adult can feel... well, embarrassing. But, what if you could get professional teeth straightening that was discreet, comfortable, affordable, and convenient?

Get straighter teeth with top-quality tailored clear aligners from Schacher Orthodontics! Go to

Schacher Orthodontics offers high-quality clear aligners and decades of experience from its primary orthodontist, Dr. Vic Schacher, to ensure you get exactly the treatment you need.

Canadian & USA-made Brands

While Invisalign is the most well-known brand of clear aligners, it is definitely not your only option!

In an effort to provide the highest quality options, Schacher Orthodontics also offers USA-made and Canadian-made clear aligners from TP Orthodontics, Great Lakes Orthodontics, and other reputable companies. These companies hire university-trained lab technicians to fabricate their clear aligners, which are designed using high-tech software.

The Pros of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a more discreet teeth-straightening option than traditional metal braces, often making them more appealing to adult patients.

Since they are removable, they also provide greater convenience, as brushing, eating, and flossing habits can remain the same, and you can take them out for special occasions and photos.

Clear aligners require no drilling, cutting, or bonding to the teeth, making them less invasive and requiring less maintenance than traditional braces, so you can have straighter teeth without the hassle.

Expert Orthodontics

Dr. Vic Schacher, the practice's primary orthodontist, has extensive clinical experience with both removable and more permanent teeth straightening techniques.

To ensure clear aligners are the most effective method for achieving your desired results, Dr. Schacher will do a comprehensive examination of your mouth, including X-rays. A mold will then be made of your unique bite, which will then be used to create your tailored clear aligners.

On the practice's website, Dr. Schacher offers a series of informative videos that explain the strengths and weaknesses of clear aligners, so you can learn about their straightening capacity.

If clear aligners seem like a viable option, schedule a consultation at the practice to further discuss your teeth-straightening options with Dr. Schacher and begin your treatment plan!

Learn more about Schacher Orthodontics and schedule an appointment at the clinic by visiting

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