Get Stamped Concrete Pool Decks Installed With Chattanooga’s Top Contractor

Jun 1, 2023

Patriot Concrete (423-403-3747) can design and install beautiful stamped concrete pools decks that look just like wood or stone, while also being much safer and more durable.

A pool deck can really elevate your outdoor spaces, but there are a few important considerations. Patriot Concrete’s solutions are beautiful, functional, and highly durable.

Stamped concrete is the perfect material for pool decks, because you can achieve almost any finish or texture, and it stands up to harsh pool chemicals. You won’t have to worry about ongoing maintenance, and, most importantly, it’s very affordable.

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Patriot Concrete can work with your pool designer to create an amazing outdoor space, and the variety of patterns and colors allows you to get really creative. The firm can also integrate your pool deck with other stamped concrete areas, such as patios, driveways, and retaining walls, so your outdoor design has a coordinated theme.

While stamped concrete offers a wide variety of styles, pool decks have some specific requirements. Patterns that have deep grout lines can be uncomfortable to walk on, and can also collect water. In addition, pools contain harsh chemicals, which can cause damage and/or fading to surrounding materials.

Patriot Concrete’s pool decks are designed to resemble more traditional materials, such as wood or stone, while also being significantly more resistant to chemicals. The firm combines color hardeners, acid stains, and pigmented release agents to match natural colors and textures, while also giving you a much more durable finished product.

“If you’re looking for a concrete pool deck that’s both safe and stylish, stamped concrete is a great option,” a company representative explained. “Stamped concrete can be designed to resemble any type of material, including stone, brick, or slate. Plus, its non-slip surface is perfect for wet areas like pool decks.”

Operating in the wider Chattanooga region, Patriot Concrete is part of a network of veteran-owned contractors, allowing it to assist with more comprehensive home improvement projects. The firm’s goals are to provide high-quality, visually appealing outdoor surfaces that are both durable and affordable.

“Recently, I reached out to Patriot Concrete to get my pool deck fixed, and right off the bat they were super helpful,” one client recently stated. “The team did an awesome job for an unbeatable price. They even gave us a military discount. I would definitely recommend Patriot to anyone.”

Create an outdoor oasis that will last for decades. The design options of stamped concrete are only limited by your imagination.

Speak to the design team at Patriot Concrete today. Check out so you can learn more.

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