Get Specialized Cataract Treatment from the Top Vision Clinic in Eugene, OR

Feb 20, 2023

So, your vision isn’t quite what it used to be. You’ve tried glasses; you avoid driving at night, but it’s still bothering you. Yes, it could be cataracts. Lucky for you, the experts at Pacific ClearVision Institute know just how to clear it up.

Get Specialized Cataract Treatment from the Top Vision Clinic in Eugene, OR

It's no secret that we're all getting older. Every. Day. It's also no secret that more than 50% of older Americans experience vision impairment due to cataracts.

✔ Cataracts Symptoms

Cataracts, in simple terms, is a cloudy area that forms over the part of the eye that focuses light. This can negatively impact vision in a variety of ways.

Have you noticed that colors look more faded than they used to? Do your eyes feel highly sensitive to light? Is it harder to see at night these days? Do you have a mysterious cloudy layer over your visual field?

Any or all of these symptoms could point to cataracts.

✔ Cataracts Treatment

Luckily, Pacific ClearVision Institute in Eugene, OR offers expert cataract surgery and treatment. Proper cataract treatment can improve issues like light sensitivity, cloudy vision, declining night vision, and difficulty reading, all common symptoms of aging eyes.

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In the past, cataract surgery would leave you with "fixed vision", meaning you could see clearly at one distance but would need glasses to see the rest.

Pacific ClearVision Institute offers up-to-date cataract surgery options, including variable power and adjusting lenses. These options can provide you with improved vision at near and far distances at once, meaning less dependency on corrective glasses.

In fact, Pacific ClearVision Institute works directly with your primary care doctor to decide the best treatment for your needs.

Often, cataract surgery is the best option. Thankfully, this is the most common surgical procedure done by the doctors at Pacific ClearVision Institute.

If cataract surgery is right for you, PCVI's expert staff and doctors will walk you through the process so that you know what to expect beforehand.

About Pacific ClearVision Institute

Based in Eugene, OR, Pacific ClearVision Institute has provided expert eye surgery services to the Pacific Northwest since 1989. In addition to cataract surgery, they offer LASIK laser vision correction, refractive surgery, reconstructive eyelid and eyebrow surgeries, and general ophthalmology.

Curious to learn more about cataracts or other vision-related issues? The PCVI's website offers education on a variety of vision-related topics through its original blog.

One satisfied patient said, "In June of 2012 we were visiting Eugene and my cataract had progressed to a level that made it uncomfortable to read, drive, or watch TV. We contacted Pacific ClearVision and were very pleased to find out they could provide the care we needed."

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