Get Smart Annuity Tax Strategy Advice For Northbrook Retirees From This Team

Jun 7, 2023

If you feel like the tax man is taking a bigger cut of your retirement pot than you’d expected or you simply want to make sure that your income is sufficient when you finally stop working, schedule a consultation with Goldstone Financial Group (630-620-9300)!

Are you looking for ways to reduce the tax you pay on your annuities? Talk to Goldstone Financial Group about the best ways to protect your nest egg so more money stays in your pocket when you retire.

The team offers you expert guidance on investment options and tax minimization strategies to help you maximize disposable income in your later years. You would benefit from optimization strategies for tax-deferred growth and a dependable and improved revenue stream in retirement.

With a little planning, your retirement income could be a whole lot healthier. For the best solutions and tax strategies without the hassle and stress, talk to Goldstone Financial Group! More details at

The company helps you identify the most suitable products for both fixed or variable-rate annuities, ensuring that investment risk is balanced with a robust strategy for long-term growth. With taxes due on the withdrawal of funds, Goldstone Financial Group is on hand to advise you on how to minimize these liabilities.

According to CNBC, annuity sales hit record highs in 2022, reaching $310.6 billion. This growth reflects today's economic uncertainty as stocks and bonds falter and fears regarding recession loom larger in the public consciousness. Rising interest rates have also benefitted annuity investors, providing a more lucrative alternative to falling stocks. Naturally, this has resulted in a growing preference for fixed-rate products over variable ones that are tied directly to the stock market.

With each retirement income stream subject to its own tax regulations, managing annuity liabilities can be confusing and complex. Goldstone Financial Group's expert team simplifies the jargon and technical aspects of annuity taxation and ensures that you're not paying more than you should in IRS contributions.

The team can also advise you on deductions for medical expenses, charitable contributions, and mortgage interest alongside standard reductions that should be made for over-65s. A number of other tax breaks could also be available, such as the earned income tax credit, saver's credit, retirement savings contributions credit, and, in some states, a property tax exemption for seniors.

Goldstone Financial Group is proud to offer a free tax consultation to clients, outlining the essential concepts of maximizing income and minimizing contributions.

About Goldstone Financial Group

Led by founder and CEO Anthony Pellegrino, the firm has been offering specialist retirement planning services and wealth management solutions since 2008. The Goldstone team adheres to the highest ethical standards and transparency obligations in its advisory work.

A spokesperson says, “Understanding tax laws and finding opportunities takes a full-time commitment. We provide tax planning services with a keen awareness and command of tax law and how it pertains to your investments.”

Planning for retirement can be tiring! Let Goldstone Financial Group do the legwork so you can relax, knowing your income is in good hands.

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