Get Secure Storage In Monticello, NY With 24-Hour Surveillance & Gated Entry

Mar 26, 2023

Has your Monticello home accumulated so much stuff that you can’t move without knocking something over? Would you like to store your unused items somewhere to get more space? Then rent a secure unit from Bethel Self Storage Park (845-583-6626).

Get Secure Storage In Monticello, NY With 24-Hour Surveillance & Gated Entry

While the saying goes ‘there’s not enough room to swing a cat,’ we don’t advise this as a reliable measurement of scale. However, if you’ve been feeling claustrophobic in your home, perhaps it’s time to get some extra space. That’s where Bethel Self Storage Park can help with their self-storage solutions near Monticello, New York.

The company provides secure units with 24/7 access in a range of sizes starting at 5’ by 5’ through to 10’ x 30’ with specific units available for car, boat, or RV parking.

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Bethel Self Storage Park offers you a high level of accessibility and security for all its units, which includes secure gated access, 24-hour video surveillance, an on-site manager, and tenant protection plans.

Over winter, you may have found that your home has accumulated items that are cluttering your space. Now, as spring and summer approach, you may want to find somewhere to relocate the items you aren’t using daily. If you live in Monticello, Bethel Self Storage Park is the solution you need.

As the company explains, while their units can be used as simply a place to store things that you don’t need every day, they can also hold your business items, stock, or equipment. Furthermore, the company provides additional internal storage solutions so you can keep your units organized to retrieve items in the future.

If you are looking to store larger items such as vehicles, you can also find storage units designed to meet your sizing needs. This includes parking spaces suitable for storing normal-sized cars, boats with trailers, and RVs of both Class C and A sizes.

Based in Bethel, the company’s self-storage park is suitable for your needs if you live in and around the area, including the previously mentioned Monticello, which is located 15 minutes away on state route 17B, Callicoon and Liberty. The park also has easy access to Lake Superior State Park, White Lake, and Kauneonga Lake.

To help you find a unit that meets your storage requirements, you can find a size guide on Bethel Self Storage Park’s website that can estimate the amount of space you will need. The site also features guides and tips for making the most of your storage unit, such as how best to pack items for safety and later access.

A current holder of a unit at the Bethel storage park said, “I’ve had my unit for 3yrs and I have always been treated with respect. I could go in the middle of the night and still feel safe. Wonderful place.”

Make room in your home with a secure unit at Bethel Self Storage Park near Monticello, New York.

For more information, you can visit or you can call (845-583-6626)

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