Get Secure Cloud-Based Practice Management Software & Online Booking In The USA

Oct 13, 2021

This software from Power Diary is a complete solution for health practice management. It includes integrated booking, reminders, and invoicing, as well as telehealth video conferencing.

Running a health clinic using paper files isn’t just exhausting, it’s also expensive and can lead to loss of data in the event of a disaster. Power Diary lets you put your data in the cloud where it can’t be damaged by fires or floods, and eliminates costly data-entry work.

The updated software is currently used by clinics in over 23 countries, by practitioners in several fields. As well as general health clinics, the program is also used by chiropractors, psychologists, and social workers.

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The clinic management software is accessible from anywhere through a cloud-based portal. The platform requires no technical skills to use, and the company provides you with unlimited complimentary customer support.

Using the clinic management system, you can add an online booking button to your clinic’s website, and have your clients book their appointments at any time through the online portal. The software can also send out automated reminder notifications for upcoming appointments, which have been shown to reduce client no-shows.

Clinics that make use of auto-reminders may also put clients on a waitlist that will fill gaps created through cancellations. Up to three reminders per appointment can be sent through email, SMS, or both. The appointment manager software can also provide your clinic with an easy way to view client details and appointment histories.

Power Diary includes a secure online video conferencing option that allows for telehealth video calls. The software complies with all health standards, and your patients are not required to download applications or perform any complicated logins. Telehealth has been growing in popularity in recent times, and the company is currently working on adding a screen recording feature to supplement its use.

To eliminate your paperwork and streamline patient intake, the software also allows for online information collection and integration. Your patients can fill in forms online, which include any questions the clinic may wish to ask, and there is an option to include images. The form will then be added automatically to the patient’s file.

The software also includes options for receipt and invoice management, allowing your clinic to track and identify outstanding payments. Power Diary can securely process payments, integrate with other platforms, and provide customized invoices or receipts for clients. The software can also keep track of client referrers and insurance details.

This all-in-one software solution can do more than just reduce your paperwork, it can also reduce your workload and increase your efficiency. Your patients will love being able to make appointments online, and more people than ever are choosing clinics that offer a telehealth option.

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