Get Same-Day Chiropractic Treatment For Auto Accident Pain & Injury In Decatur

Jul 25, 2020

If you want the best chiropractic care treatments for auto accidents in Decatur, Arrowhead Clinic can help. Get in touch with them today to discuss your unique situation!

Do you need quality holistic pain treatment and wellness solutions in Decatur? Get in touch with Arrowhead Clinic today! They provide tailored treatment plans to help you recover quickly.

Arrowhead Clinic have announced that they offer same day appointments for chiropractic care in their specialist clinic. The Decatur, Georgia based clinic provides a full range of chiropractic and spinal health services.

Arrowhead Clinic in Decatur, GA is part of a group of 17 clinics founded by Dr Harry W Brown. The clinic is known for its caring attitude and dedication to its patients who are in need of chiropractic treatments. You can now get same-day appointments in order to receive the treatment you need fast.

The clinic specialize in treating those who have suffered from injuries as a result of road traffic accidents, slips and falls, sports injuries and industrial or workplace accidents. In the case of workplace injuries they can also help with compensation and refer patients to the best personal injury attorneys available.

The Decatur clinic’s licensed and certified doctors also offer specialist neck and back pain relief with gentle, non-invasive chiropractic techniques. They provide free consultations to all patients to try to understand the root cause of pain by looking at the body as a whole. This includes diet, sleep, stress, posture and much more.

The doctor will also, alongside the previously mentioned physical examination, look at previous medical history and order further testing such as MRIs or x-rays to gain a full picture. They will then create a customized treatment plan for their patient.

A patient has said of their treatment at the clinic: “This clinic made my first experience with chiropractic care a pleasant and memorable one. The entire staff are super sweet and caring. They treat you like a friend and not just a patient. My treatment came to an end and I was sad to go. I would recommend their services to anyone!”

For further information about Arrowhead Clinic and their range of chiropractic services in Decatur, the team can be contacted at: (770) 961-7246.

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