Get Safe Community Carpool Solutions for the School Day

Oct 29, 2020

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No matter where you live around the country, few families are stranger to the scramble of school days. On top of clocking in at work and managing the daily errands, we often find it difficult to get our children to campus and afterschool activities on time.

CarpooltoSchool provides a safe and efficient solution.  

The new mobile and web apps by Go Together, Inc., organizes school communities to better manage school transportation. As school bus routes continue to decline and costs increase, CarpooltoSchool’s platform gives access to a variety of transportation options to best meet the unique needs of schools and districts for families with busy schedules.

Families find they save time, money, and stress while schools and districts reduce staff and operational costs.

CarpooltoSchool allows school administrators to leverage technology that offers families the diverse and low-maintenance resources they need to organize shared transport. As a result, students communally arrive to school in carpools, walkpools and bikepools.

Unlike other ride-sharing platforms, not just anyone can register as a driver. Instead, CarpooltoSchool’s dedication to safety gives school administrators the power to approve who has access to the platform using screening tools. Schools, parents, and students all appreciate the comfort of knowing only approved parents, guardians, or student drivers can participate. Schools and districts can even launch CarpooltoSchool for faculty as an employee perk and when parking is limited. 

Families are able to build the most optimal school transport solution for their busy schedules when they collaborate with their local community. The platform eliminates the need for long emails threads or multiple phone call/texts by providing an all-in-one solution for meeting, planning and sharing trips. It even features an integrated calendar to enable flexible scheduling and sharing of location for peace of mind.

The goal is to leverage the trust of communities to form multi-mode transportation pools that remove the barriers of getting to and from school and reduce impact on the environment. This ensure students have sustainable and reliable access to the classroom and personal growth opportunities while giving parents the ability to maintain their other responsibilities.

The team at Go Together says “With the ability to find a match in seconds and to advertise school activities, parents connect to other parents not in their immediate social network and whose children share similar interests to their own, building stronger parent communities and creating opportunities for new friendships for their children.”

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