Get Real-Time Crypto & Stock Market Trade Alerts Using AI Algorithm Platform

Mar 8, 2023

All day traders know that staying ahead of the markets can be tricky. But thanks to QuantGate Systems’ trend-monitoring app Pilot, it no longer has to be!

Get Real-Time Crypto & Stock Market Trade Alerts Using AI Algorithm Platform

If you're tired of missing the boat on different stocks and commodities, you need to try Pilot from QuantGate Systems!

The innovative AI-powered app gives you up-to-the-minute buy and sell recommendations on Stocks, Forex, Futures and Crypto. The app’s algorithms are capable of making 5 billion calculations per second, which allows you to see five minutes ahead on over 60,000 securities and digital assets.

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When it comes to day trading, keeping up with market trends is critical. Market timing, or knowing when to get in and out, is a necessary skill to be successful. While a lot of market timing comes down to simple intuition, you can get a leg-up by utilizing trend-monitoring apps and software like Pilot.

Pilot shows prime trading opportunities using its psychology-based artificial intelligence algorithms. The algorithms track the activities of other traders, and then using this data, the app builds its recommendations for you. When a suitable trading opportunity is detected, the app alerts you with a push notification.

To filter trading opportunities further, Pilot allows you to create watchlists of specific assets you want the algorithms to monitor. Pilot also offers preset watchlists that you can select if you prefer. Historical market data is also available 24/7 to help inform your decisions.

Pilot's interface features an easy-to-use dashboard where you not only get your recommended trade opportunities but can also trade in-app. Pilot supports a variety of brokerages or exchanges, and allows you to manage your portfolio directly from whatever device you are using.

“Pilot is not based on news or social sentiment signals,” said a spokesperson for the company. “It’s the only system that is capable of extracting real-time market sentiment and traders’ perception through its proprietary, mathematical psychology-based models and algorithms. It enables you to improve your price action anticipation skills and makes your trading decisions more reliable.”

Pilot offers a 14-day free trial version with basic functions such as paper trading demos and simulations. The Live Signals and Live Trading versions of the app require a monthly subscription to use them. Live Signals includes the watchlist capabilities, which Live Trading also includes, however, Live Trading also allows you to trade in-app using one of its many supported brokerages or exchanges. The costs of each are $19.99 and $29.99 a month, respectively.

Additionally, QuantGate Systems offers a free educational resource called the Pilot Academy through its website. The Pilot Academy provides instructions and troubleshooting for using the app, as well as general information on trading and markets. You can also make use of option to become a part of the Pilot Trading partner program, which allows you to earn a residual income by using and promoting the app.

About QuantGate Systems

With over 10 years in the financial technology industry, QuantGate Systems is a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) platforms. The company delivers SaaS solutions and seamless API integration using its proprietary big-data processing algorithms.

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