Get Quality Bloomington, MN Industrial Grade Paint Job For Restaurants & Stores

Feb 15, 2023

Is your business in dire need of a fresh coat of paint? If so, let the professionals at Bloomington Painting Pros (952-522-3550) in Bloomington, MN help you out with their color and design expertise!

Get Quality Bloomington, MN Industrial Grade Paint Job For Restaurants & Stores

It's amazing what a new paint job can do for a place! No one knows this better than Bloomington Painting Pros!

If you run a business, the Bloomington, MN commercial painting expert is offering you more painting options to help your business stand out and drive customer traffic. Their commercial painters can transform internal and external layouts by adding the right colors and designs.

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Companies often underestimate the effect a professional and well-designed paint job can have on business. Research shows that most customers make a subconscious decision as to whether or not they will buy something from a store within the first 90 seconds of entering. Furthermore, 52% of shoppers won’t even return to a store if they don’t like the aesthetic. These numbers demonstrate the importance of making a strong visual impression.

Thankfully, the professionals at Bloomington Painting Pros are experts at choosing eye-catching colors and designs. Using industrial-grade paints and tints, they can paint over various surfaces, including concrete, marble, plastic, tiles, and wood. They are also trained to use heavy-duty equipment such as scaffolding, washers, blasters, and lifts.

Generally speaking, if you're looking to acquire their services, the painters at Bloomington Painting Pros will enter into a contract with you. The painters will usually set up an appointment well in advance to avoid disrupting your business’s operations. While painting, the painters also pay careful attention to protecting your belongings, furniture, and other equipment.

Speaking of which, the experts at Bloomington Painting Pros take safety concerns very seriously. They take all necessary precautions when working in high-rise buildings, construction areas, and other potentially dangerous settings. They also rigorously prep and prepare all spaces by doing any preliminary remodeling, roof coating, drywalling, logo painting, masonry restructuring, decorating, and power washing.

“We get the job done proficiently and effectively,” said a spokesperson for the company. “We satisfy the adaptable needs of your schedule while lessening disruption to your business. You can trust us with your commercial painting needs. We offer a smooth and reliable experience from beginning to end while taking care of each task with skill and experience at an affordable rate.”

Bloomington Painting Pros is a tried and tested commercial painting provider. They have completed projects in dining halls, offices, department stores, restaurants, schools, and many more.

To hire Bloomington Painting Pros for a commercial painting project, you can fill out the form on their website. One of Bloomington Painting Pros’ experienced professionals will assess both your request and your property and provide a no-obligation quote.

About Bloomington Painting Pros

In addition to commercial painting services, Bloomington Painting Pros also offers residential painting services, spraying and texturing ceilings, and wallpaper removal. They serve Bloomington and the surrounding area, including Eden Prairie, Eagan, Burnsville, Minneapolis, and St. Paul.

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