Get Proper Sewage Clean Up – Denver Based Service Uses Eco-Friendly Odor Elimination

Jun 21, 2020

Are you looking for the best emergency sewer cleanup services in Denver and the surrounding area? You can rely on the expert team at Restoration Logistics!

When it comes to sewage cleanup and logistics it’s important to act fast. That’s where this highly qualified and professional team can help with your property needs!

Restoration Logistics, the Denver-based emergency sewage clean up service provider, have announced a new eco-friendly service. This combines rapid removal of sewage and odors with less environmental damage.

The service is based on the use of pro-microbials, the biodegrading friendly bacteria used by water treatment facilities. These good bacteria are said to work longer than traditional chemicals, penetrate porous surfaces, penetrate areas unreachable by normal cleaning methods and rapidly digest waste and odor. The process is environmentally friendly with the added advantage of being safe for householders.

Restoration Logistics was founded in 1986 and has since become the leading disaster restoration company in the western United States. They attend jobs of all sizes for both residential and commercial property, providing water damage restoration, flood cleanup and drying, leaking pipe repair, sewer backup, and fire and smoke damage restoration services.

With over 32 years of experience in sewage cleanup and repair, Restoration Logistics have the experience and expertise to tackle any sewage emergency regardless of size. Their service is available 24/7 and their use of cutting-edge technology ensures fast and efficient service.

As part of their extensive sewage backup cleanup services, Restoration Logistics make sure to provide you with the complete removal of sewage from your property. This provides an essential first step to the repair and restoration service.

The addition of pro-biotic bacteria in the cleanup process helps ensure odors and soil are quickly removed from even difficult to reach areas and deep down within porous surfaces. Their services will help remediate all the damage that long-term exposure to wastewater can have on flooring, furniture, walls, and other contaminated items.

Their thorough sewage damage repair process involves cleaning, sanitizing and where necessary, disposal of all surfaces that came into contact with wastewater. No matter where the sewage backup occurred, the highly-trained Restoration Logistics staff will attend in a fully equipped vehicle.

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